CSEA & AEU Reach Tentative Agreement on 2017-20 Contract Re-opener

May 31, 2018

AEU-CSEA Return to the Table—Reach Tentative Agreement

On Thursday May 31, 2018 CSEA and AEU met to open negotiations on the only reopener of the 2017-2020 contract, Article 13, Salary Schedule and Related Matters. Both sides limited proposals to facilitate productive and expedited bargaining.

After only a half-day of bargaining the teams reached a tentative agreement.The agreement covers the single re-opener, salary.

  • Salary –Effective June 1, 2018, the bargaining unit salary schedule shall be increased by three-percent (3%). This agreement settles all reopener issues between the parties for the 2018 contract year. All members of the parties bargaining teams will support the ratification or approval of the tentative agreement

“CSEA appreciates and values the work of our staff and believes in fair pay and benefits,” said CSEA Bargaining Chair Keith Pace, “It is because of the hard work of our staff that we are in position to weather the potential negative effects of the Janus lawsuit. Our intent throughout the collective bargaining process is to ensure that the organization’s ability to continue providing the advocacy, organizing and representational expertise that empowers classified workers to improve their lives is enhanced not just during the term of this contract, but for many years to come."