CSEA Organizational Goals

Adopted 7/19/14

Goal 1: Maximize political power at the local, regional, state, and federal levels.

Strategy A: Research and develop a legislative agenda that advances CSEA’s goals and strategies.
Strategy B: Conduct targeted campaigns to elect pro-labor, pro-education decision-makers at all levels, regardless of party affiliation.
Strategy C: Advocate for single payer and other legislation and initiatives that align with our five healthcare principles.

Goal 2: Engage our members, staff and community to build a stronger, more effective union.

Strategy A: Organize and increase membership internally.
Strategy B: Organize externally to increase membership.
Strategy C: Recruit and develop leadership and staff that reflect the diverse culture of CSEA.
Strategy D: Work toward establishing quality and affordable healthcare for all.

Goal 3: Increase the visibility and relevance of CSEA.

Strategy A: Broaden the reach of CSEA’s communications program.
Strategy B: Educate the community on the value of classified employees.

Goal 4: Ensure member leaders and staff have the knowledge and resources to effectively conduct the business of the union.

Strategy A: Maintain a balanced budget and a spending plan that invests in fully achieving our organizational potential.
Strategy B: Ensure our structure addresses our internal and external needs.
Strategy C: Provide the tools needed for CSEA member leaders and staff to perform the work of the union.


Printable Organizational Goals (PDF)