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A Vote, a Voice and Value!

You work hard to improve the lives of the students you serve. That's why we work hard to improve the lives of the members we serve. When you join CSEA, you have a vote in our democratic union, a voice backed by our collective strength and value through our exclusive member benefits and discount programs.


Representing more than 240,000 classified school employees throughout California, CSEA is completely member-governed.

CSEA’s priorities, programs and services are all approved by the vote of our members, whether by our elected Board of Directors or members at our union’s annual conference. Any CSEA chapter can make a proposal to change our union’s priorities and platform. These proposals, and other important items like CSEA’s budget, are also discussed and voted on by members at the annual conference. Even the amount of union dues each member pays is set by a vote of our members.

CSEA members can even initiate legislation. Any member can propose a bill idea, which is analyzed by CSEA member committees and voted on by members at our annual conference. CSEA then works to secure the bill’s passage through the Legislature.


CSEA members are respected professionals who are active and vocal advocates for public education. Your local chapter negotiates wage and benefit increases, provides support in addressing job-related issues with the district and supports school board candidates that understand the value of classified employees.

When it comes to securing your pay and benefits or defending your rights on the job, our staff are the best in the business. No other union can boast the depth of knowledge that CSEA labor relations representatives have in the areas of classified contracts, unemployment law, the Education Code, the DMV and health and retirement benefits.

Likewise, our legal department has an accomplished track record of winning precedent-setting legal cases that enforce and expand our rights under collective bargaining. Unlike other unions that contract with expensive outside legal firms, CSEA's staff of five attorneys are available full-time to counsel field staff, members and leaders.


CSEA provides its members with the highest quality services, benefits, training and facilities to all of our members throughout California.

As a member, you have access to a wide variety of money-saving benefits that include everything from auto and home insurance, group supplemental insurances, amusement park discounts, as well as scholarships and grants for you and your dependents.

Entertainment Discounts: We've got you covered with discounts to all the major amusement parks and attractions in California, including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld, and more. Discounted movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, See’s Candies, and Honeybaked Ham gift certificates are also available.

Legal: Get free legal advice over the phone on personal matters such as wills and consumer problems. Members can also take advantage of our Legal Referral Service for a free half-hour consultation with a local attorney who may offer a special reduced fee if you need further assistance.

Publications: As a member, you'll get a subscription to CSEA's bi-monthly magazine, Focus, as well as other informative publications and updates.

Insurance: Members are automatically insured with a free $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. You can also purchase auto, home, dental, life and other insurance plans at group discount rates.

Travel: Members get discounts on rental cars, hotels, and vacation packages.

Financial: Members enjoy privileges, including the exclusive CSEA MasterCard, free, interest-paying checking accounts, and reduced interest rate auto loans and mortgages.

Scholarships & Grants: Members and their dependents can apply for scholarships and grants for higher education.

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