CSEA's 91st Annual Conference

July 31 – Aug. 4, 2017
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

More than 1,600 CSEA member-delegates gathered in Las Vegas for CSEA’s 91st Annual Conference. Representing their local chapters back home, they voted on 18 resolutions, adopted a budget, elected new Association officers and set the course for the year ahead. Delegates elected Ben Valdepeña as Association President, who said he is ready to lead the fight against the threats that we face and continue to build our great union’s strength and power.

“I’m going to build a team that’s going to move this Association forward,” he said, encouraging all members to get involved in their chapters, submit volunteer applications to take on roles in the state association, and join our fight for our members, our shared values and our students."...Read More

CSEA’s 92nd Annual Conference will be held July 29 - Aug. 2, 2018 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

CSEA Conference Day 1

Sunday News/Photos:

Sea of Blue pours into Las Vegas

Las Vegas turned a shade bluer today as more than 1,500 CSEA member-delegates arrived to register for the 91st Annual Conference, which begins tomorrow morning.

With a packed five-day agenda ahead, delegates enjoyed the opportunity to network with fellow members, learn about the many benefits and services offered at the Benefit Provider Area, reunite with old friends, and discuss the many items before them over the next week...More

CSEA Conference Day 2

Monday News/Photos:

91st Annual Conference kicks off with a bang

With the bang of the gavel, Association President Ben Valdepeña opened the 91st Annual Conference with more than 1,600 member-delegates, staff and guests in attendance...More

State of the Union: CSEA is strong and getting stronger every day

While the previous year was challenging to say the least, Association President Ben Valdepeña said the state of our union is strong, and CSEA members showed that we are up to the task of fighting for our members, our students and our shared values...More

CSEA Conference Day 2

Tuesday News/Photos:

Delegates get to work on resolutions

The 1,600 delegates at the 91st Annual Conference put their noses to the grindstone today, starting business at 8 a.m. to discuss, debate and vote on resolutions. CSEA Director of Field Operations Keith Pace also reported to delegates on critical items facing our members and labor unions nationwide...More

CSEA Conference Day 3

Wednesday News/Photos:

Delegates complete action on resolutions, honor outstanding members

Work on resolutions continues, outstanding members honored On the third day of the 91st Annual Conference, member-delegates completed action on resolutions, and still had time to acknowledge some of our union’s most outstanding members...More

CSEA Conference Day 4

Thursday News/Photos:

Delegates approve budget and honor CSEA’s finest

The fourth day of the 91st Annual Conference was dedicated to bestowing prestigious awards, approving the Association’s budgets, and discussing CSEA’s legislative efforts in Sacramento and Washington, D.C...More

CSEA Conference Day 5

Friday News/Photos:

Valdepeña elected Association President as 91st Annual Conference comes to close

The 1,600 member-delegates finished their business at CSEA’s 91st Annual Conference by electing Ben Valdepeña as Association President for the next two years. Matthew “Shane” Dishman, a member of Kern High Chapter 81, was elected Association First Vice President; Adam Weinberger, a member of Perris Valley Chapter 469, was elected Second Vice President; and Elizabeth “Beth” Saldaña, a member of Sweetwater Operations Chapter 258, was elected Association Secretary...More

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