CSEA's 90th Annual Conference

Annual Conference

Members energized and motivated at 90th Annual Conference

More than 1,400 delegates represented their local chapters at CSEA’s 90th Annual Conference, Aug. 1-4 in San Jose. After four days of resolutions, budgets, recognitions and rousing speeches, they emerged energized and motivated to take on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Getting down to business

Delegates worked efficiently and effectively to vote on resolutions that will set the future course and goals of the union. They reviewed the Association’s income and expenditures for the upcoming year carefully, asked questions, and voted to approve a balanced budget. They heard about how their association has grown and become stronger during the last year because of members’ efforts during President Ben Valdepeña’s State of the Union.

“When we closed our books for fiscal year 2015-16 on May 31, our membership was 229,903,” Valdepeña said. “That’s less than 100 short of 230,000 members. This is nearly 4,000 members more than our highest point ever back in 2008. Brothers and sisters, we’re just barely two months into the new fiscal year and we have surpassed 230,000 members. At a time when the union movement itself is not growing, I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

In their reports, Executive Director Dave Low, Assistant Governmental Relations Director Jai Sookprasert and Director of Field Operations Keith Pace congratulated chapters for their outstanding work during the last year converting service fee payers. They reminded delegates about the significance of electing pro-labor candidates in November and stressed the importance of working to ensure the passage of Proposition 55, the Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act.

“Proposition 55 is the highest priority this year to ensure that the very wealthy continue to pay the same level of taxes so that schools and colleges don’t have to face $4 billion in future years,” Sookprasert said.

Delegates also heard a report by CSEA Past President and CalPERS President Rob Feckner, who told them that the pension fund is focused on maintaining stability for years to come.

“The bottom line is that markets are volatile, always have been and always will be,” he said. “We remain focused on the long-term success of the fund.”

Speakers deliver motivation

Besides working to move their Association forward, the delegates were treated to a host of speakers, including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin, Centralia School District Superintendent Norma Martinez and Burbank Unified School District Board Member Steven Ferguson.

“You are the people that saved me from a very dark time in my life and you are the people who inspired me to work to improve the lives of others,” Ferguson said. “Although you may not be seen on a daily basis and there are people that see right through you, I see you because you saw me.”

Honors and Recognitions

One of the focal points of CSEA’s Conference each year is the recognition of the extraordinary individuals who provide exceptional service to California’s students and the Association. This year, each of the five 2016 Members of the Year had their moment to shine. CSEA also honored long-time activists with Life Member and Honor Roll membership, and praised this year’s top humanitarians and activist with the William P. Schwartz Humanitarian of the Year and the Richard C. Bartlett Activist of the Year awards.

Gaining knowledge to provide better service

Another central component of Conference is what members can learn to provide better service to students, improve their chapters and live better. This year, delegates could choose to attend a broad array of informative forums, symposiums and seminars. Education Days gave them a chance to learn many things, including the ins and outs of CalPERS benefits, how to keep students safe and how to communicate the value of their work.

Renewed energy for continued activism

For many delegates, they return to their chapters with valuable information about how their union works and sense of solidarity. They also bring back replenished motivation to keep fighting for education and for working families.

“It’s not just your members that you are fighting for,” Newsom told delegates. “You’re fighting for folks that will never join a union and that count on you.”

Sunday, July 31

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Monday, Aug 1

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Tuesday, Aug 2

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Wednesday, Aug 3

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Thursday, Aug 4

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New Delegates

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Education Days

Education Days:

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