CSEA CalGen Summit: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today


Be There – Be Heard – Be the Future

We're looking to get members excited about CSEA and interested in taking an active role in their union. CSEA's CalGen Summit is a two-day conference designed to inform, empower, and energize CSEA members. The Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn more about CSEA and the Labor Movement, network with other members, explore how to take advantage of CSEA's many benefits, and help shape the future of our union.

Our Mission

The mission of CalGen is to empower members in order to ensure that the values and interests of today’s working families are represented in tomorrow’s schools. CalGen aims to improve job opportunities, working conditions, wages, and benefits for a new generation of workers, while fostering a growing labor movement that is both engaging and relevant to CSEA members.

For a list of CalGen Taskforce members, click here.

For more information, e-mail: CalGen@csea.com

CalGen Resources

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