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Everyday Heroes: Making a Difference

It’s every school staff member’s duty to look out for the well-being of students, but classified employees who excel at their jobs and go the extra mile for students are the unsung heroes of education.

President's Message: Celebrating our Everyday Heroes

As Classified School Employee Week approaches, allow me to be the first to thank each one of you for all you do to provide the care, safety and learning opportunities for our state’s students. 

History of Classified School Employee Week
In 1986, Senate Bill 1552 permanently solidified Classified School Employee Week as an annual week of statewide recognition.

About Classified Employees

Classified employees do the essential work that keeps our schools and community colleges up and running. These extraordinary workers keep our campuses safe, clean and efficient. Most importantly, they strive to improve the lives of our students every day.

Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE)

Under CSEA’s Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE) program, school district administrators and trustees have a chance to “walk a mile” in classified employees’ shoes.

Tell Us Your Story

We love to highlight the efforts of outstanding community members. If you are active in your community or know another CSEA member who is, please tell us about it.


Everyday Heroes

Classified school employees are the everyday heroes who go above and beyond to keep schools running smoothly and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Champions of Change

In 2016, the White House recognized twelve school support professionals from across the country as “School Support White House Champions of Change.” They were selected for their leadership and tireless work to ensure that students in our nation’s schools receive the support and motivation they need to be succeed. Three of the employees who received this honor were CSEA members.

Dedicated to Student Safety

Classified employees perform the widest variety of jobs of any group of school workers. But while job classifications may call for us to drive students to school, feed them, maintain their campuses and help them learn, all classified employees have one job in common: looking out for the well-being of students.


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