Election 2016

Californians support education in November Election

California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 55 and made it clear that they don’t want our public schools and community colleges to return to the days of larger classes and widespread layoffs.


"Proposition 55, our top priority for this election, won in virtually every county of the state," said Association President Ben Valdepeña. "This overwhelming victory would not have happened without the many hours CSEA members and staff devoted to phoning voters and knocking on doors throughout California. I want to thank each and every volunteer for the outstanding work they did to ensure this victory for our schools and students."


CSEA members also helped pass Prop. 51, a $9 billion school bond which will allow California to invest and upgrade school facilities.  We also elected Kamala Harris to the United States Senate and defended every pro-education/pro labor seat in the State Legislature.

CSEA election results

View complete election results at: http://vote.sos.ca.gov/

"We are grateful to the voters for supporting our schools and colleges. This critical funding will allow us to continue rebuilding the programs and services that were cut during the recession. It means a brighter future for our students."
-- Association President Ben Valdepeña.