Prop 55

California voters pass Proposition 55


California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 55 and
made it clear that they don’t want our public schools and community colleges to return to the days of larger classes and widespread layoffs.


"We are grateful to the voters for supporting our schools and colleges," said Association President Ben Valdepeña. "This critical funding will allow us to continue rebuilding the programs and services that were cut during the recession. It means a brighter future for our students."

Prop. 55 News:

Help our children thrive: Vote sí a la Proposición 55

Dozens of education advocates from districts throughout the Imperial Valley gathered at Bucklin Park during their lunch hour to stress the need for Prop. 55. The Nov. 8 ballot measure would maintain current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians to prevent $4 billion in annual cuts to public schools and colleges. Read More »

State Controller Betty Yee says Yes on Prop. 55

In this video, California State Controller Betty Yee explains why it’s so important to say YES on Prop. 55. “We can’t go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education,” she says. “Prop. 55 prevents $4 billion dollars in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone.” Read More »

Governor Signs 2015-16 Budget

Governor Jerry Brown signed a balanced, on-time state budget that increases California's Rainy Day Fund, pays down debt, increases school funding, and boosts programs to combat poverty and homelessness. The budget also includes $20 million for the California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing program. Future years, however, could present a much different story. Read More »

Support Prop. 55

We’ve come a long way since the days of devastating cuts made to education and vital services during the recession. It’s time to protect California children by maintaining the current tax rates on the wealthiest Californians, which will prevent billions of dollars in cuts to children's education and health care – with strict accountability through tough audit and disclosure requirements.

Please add your name in support of the California Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act today to give our kids the quality schools and health care they deserve.

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