Bilbrey, Miller are the best choices for CalPERS

Vote by phone, web or mail Sept. 1 - Oct. 2

CalPERS needs strong leaders with integrity, commitment and a track record of protecting retirement and health benefits. Michael Bilbrey and David Miller, CSEA’s endorsed candidates for the CalPERS Board of Administration, have long histories of standing up for workers and retirees.

CSEA former president Bilbrey is seeking re-election to the at-large seat that he currently holds on the CalPERS Board of Administration. He is CSEA’s endorsed candidate for Position B on the ballot.


“I want to continue being a voice for all CalPERS members,” he said.


Bilbrey has held this position since 2011 when he was elected to fill a vacancy. He has been a CalPERS member for over 27 years and is employed by Citrus Community College as Bookstore Operations Coordinator, where he helps manage over a million dollars in bookstore business.


Michael Bilbrey for Position B

Of the candidates for Position B, Bilbrey has the most extensive experience and the best track record for working to protect our retirement. That’s why CSEA urges you to vote for him.


“Michael is committed to ensuring the stability of the CalPERS system for years to come,” Association President Ben Valdepeña said. “He’s a proven leader and a strong voice for all CalPERS members.”


Since taking a seat on the CalPERS board, Bilbrey has completed the Harvard Trustee Leadership Forum and currently serves in an advisory role with the Global Group Committee on Workers Capital, the California Trustee Network and the UCLA Labor Center Advisory Group. He has the experience, education and skills to lead effectively.


“I will continue to protect our defined benefit pensions because I know how hard we have worked to earn and contribute to them,” he said. “I am dependable, will listen to all CalPERS members, and will be your voice as well. My goal is to ensure the system’s stability and efficiency.”


Another goal for Bilbrey if he’s elected to another term is to provide quality and accessible CalPERS healthcare for the more than 1.2 million members and beneficiaries who receive these healthcare benefits.


It’s important to have leaders who will work to strengthen CalPERS while maintaining openness and transparency. Bilbrey is well known for being accessible and responsive, and for doing what’s best for the membership.


“I am clear on my role as a fiduciary for you, the members,” he said. “I take that responsibility very seriously.”


Public employee pension systems are under attack. CalPERS needs leaders who can build coalitions and will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions for current retirees and for the future. Bilbrey will continue being a representative retirees and current public employees who depend on CalPERS can trust.


“As the CalPERS Board President, elected to my 13th term, I cannot emphasize enough the value of having such an effective and experienced advocate for public employees on the CalPERS Board,” CalPERS Board President and former CSEA President Rob Feckner said.


David Miller for Position A

David Miller, CSEA’s endorsed candidate for Position A on the ballot, has a history of standing up to anti-pension interest groups and will be a good addition to the CalPERS board.

“We encourage you to vote for David Miller to keep CalPERS moving forward,” Valdepeña said. “He’s a qualified candidate who will look out for the best interest of CalPERS members.”


Miller, a biochemist for the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, has been an effective and outspoken advocate for state employees for more than 25 years. He’s been a worksite representative, bargaining chair and president of the California Association of Professional Scientists. A longtime advocate for the retirement security of public employees, Miller has defended CalPERS from the barrage of attacks by anti-worker groups. He has debated anti-pension individuals on television and has authored numerous articles published in major media outlets defending retirement security.


As a candidate with a history of leadership, strong communication and unwavering perseverance, Miller vows to be accountable to CalPERS members and not politicians or interest groups.


“My commitment to you is that I will put the interests of CalPERS members – employees and retirees – first,” he said.


Election period begins Sept. 1

Vote for Michael Bilbrey for Position B and David Miller for Position A on the CalPERS Board of Administration during the election period, Sept. 1-Oct. 2. Candidates for seats on the CalPERS Board of Administration are elected by and represent all CalPERS members, including retired and active members, from state, school, and public agency employers. Retired members of CalPERS (excluding survivors and beneficiaries) whose effective date of retirement is on or before July 1 are eligible to vote.


Beginning with this election, voters will have two new ways to vote. Members can vote online or by phone, or use the traditional paper ballot that is mailed. All online, telephone, or paper ballots must be received by CalPERS no later than Oct. 2 to be counted.

2017 CalPERS Member-at-Large Election

CSEA Recommends:

Position B: Michael Bilbrey
Position A: David Miller

Voting Period:

Sept. 1 – Oct. 2

Who Votes:

All CalPERS members, active and retired


A ballot package will be mailed to you

Voting Options:

Vote online, by telephone or by mail

Candidate Info:


Flyer: Vote Bilbrey, Miller
Flyer: Three Ways to Vote
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