School Safety Plans

Lessons learned from school emergencies highlight the importance of preparing school officials and first responders to implement emergency operations plans. By having plans in place to keep students and staff safe, school employees play a key role in taking preventative and protective measures to stop an emergency from occurring or reduce the impact of an incident.

Preparedness begins with a focus on school safety plans. California law (Education Code 35294.6) requires each school site to maintain a comprehensive school safety plan. These plans must be updated every year by March 1. School site councils or their designated safety committees are required to work with teachers, classified employees, parents, and first responders to ensure that these plans are up to date. Great work has already been done, but as schools prepare these updates, the California Department of Education says that leadership should be asking:

  • Is there more we can do to protect our students?
  • Is there enough up-to-date training to implement effective plans?
  • How can other first responders be integrated more fully into coordinated trainings and responses?
  • How can we better share best practices?
For more information about updating and enhancing your school safety plan, visit: the California Department of Education’s Safe Schools webpage: