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Union Rights

Most of the legal rights and safety laws that protect American workers were not created out of employer goodwill, they were fought for by hard-working union members. Today, unions are under an unprecedented attack from political special-interest groups who want to roll back worker protections, civil liberties and the right to collectively bargain for pay and benefits.

Union News

New employee orientation bill approved

After a year-long battle, CSEA and our allies have succeeded in sponsoring a bill that directs all public employers to give their new employees an orientation about their rights and benefits, and requires union access to those orientations. Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 119 into law as part of the state budget in July. Read More »

Anti-union, anti-worker cases lining up for Supreme Court

Public employee unions, and collective bargaining rights for public sector employees continue to be under attack in the courts by anti-labor groups.  These groups challenge our right to collect service fees (“fair share” fees) from employees who are not union members but who still receive the benefits of a negotiated union contract and union representation on employment matters.  Read More »