Know Your Rights

Your Rights

As classified employees, we are afforded many basic rights by law or through collective bargaining. Learn about your rights on the job and what you can do to protect yourself if your rights are violated.

Child Abuse Reporting

For classified employees, reporting known or suspected child abuse is not just a moral obligation, it's the law.

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is the bi-lateral process between an employer and a labor union, and it determines everything from wages and health benefits to hours and working conditions.

Discipline and Due Process

Classified employees have the right to due process, including the right to receive written notice of charges, the right to be represented & the right to informal and formal responses.

Discrimination and Harassment

Know the law and your rights when it comes to sexual harassment and employment discrimination.

E-Mail and Electronic Privacy

You might want to think twice before sending your next personal or union-related e-mail from work.


Have you received a work performance evaluation that you honestly believe is unjust?


Often employees think filing a grievance will label them as a "troublemaker," but really the grievance process is just that—a process we use to resolve violations of our rights in a professional, orderly manner.


Everyone enjoys a paid day off, but sometimes questions arise over what holidays are celebrated an who gets time off.

Hours and Overtime

Do you know your rights regarding overtime? What about hours for part-time employees?


There are only two reasons classified employees can be laid off: "lack of work" and "lack of funds." Get the facts about layoffs and your rights.

Leaves of Absence

Thanks to CSEA’s fight to get classified employees covered under the Education Code, we are all entitled to the following leaves of absence: Vacation, holidays, sick days, family leave, bereavement leave, personal leave, military leave and industrial accident/illness leave.


Lessons learned from school emergencies highlight the importance of our role as first responders. We also need to be aware of our rights regarding everyday hazards on the job.


Find out answers to common questions regarding paychecks and wages.

Workers Compensation

No one likes to think about getting hurt on the job, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself in case an accident does occur.

Know Your Rights Training

Trainings are offered through your field office. Check for training dates and times in the CSEA Training Directory.