Friday Mail

Every Friday, CSEA leaders are sent an email directing them to the Friday Mail page on the website. This page displays links to the that week's bulletins, memos and local leadership resources. It also has an archive of items that can be searched.

In order to view Friday Mail you must be logged into the website (click here to login). Once you are logged in, Friday Mail is listed under the "Member Resources".

If the Friday Mail link provided in your e-mail notification does not work please copy and paste the full url address into your browser. Make sure to copy the url starting with "http:" and ending with "M/DD/YYYY" (i.e. If for some reason you are unable to copy and paste the url into your browser, Friday Mail is listed under the "Member Resources" tab.

Locate the Friday Mail item you'd like to print. Click on the "view" link (this will open the Friday Mail item in a new window). Using your browser settings go to the "File" menu and select print (CTRL+P on PC and Cmd+P on Mac).

If you believe you should be receiving Friday Mail and are not, please contact your Field Office for assistance..