Activist of the Year Award

CSEA's 2016 Activist of the Year is Jerry Chames of Kerman Chapter 279

Policy 903.5 requires the Activist of the Year be someone who is a vigorous advocate for the specific causes important to the mission and goals of CSEA. Named for the first Executive Director of the Association who was politically active in Sacramento, successfully gaining the first Classified Bill of Rights along with the leadership in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s.

Jerry Chames of Kerman Unified Chapter 279, has done just that after getting his co-workers and his community to understand the significance of extending the modified Proposition 30. He also tracks his chapter’s membership percentage of Victory Club members and actively seeks out non-participants to recruit them on his own time. He has developed a plan with fellow Executive Board members to make an extra effort for this year, as it is an important election year.

Congratulations, Jerry!

About the Award

The Richard C. Bartlett Activist of the Year Award recognizes members who vigorously advocate in political activities or specific causes important to the mission and goals of CSEA.

Nomination criteria

Nominees must have performed any significant act of a humanitarian nature:

  • Assisted in building the union
  • Helped to put forward the face of CSEA into the community
  • Attended mobilizing events or volunteered in campaigns
  • Promoted the Victory Club
  • Advanced the labor movement in general by participating in coalitions or other rally-building partnerships
  • Involved other rank and file members in union activities

Previous award recipients

2015 Sandra Rivera, Rio Hondo College Chapter 477
2014 Lora Lee, Desert Sands Chapter 106
2013 Mary Lavezzoli, Old Adobe Chapter 646
2012 Rebecca Hadley, Monterey COE Chapter 35
2011 David Kong, Monterey COE Chapter 35
2010 Debra Cook-Lewis, Wilsona Chapter 723
2009 Eunice Grigsby, LACOE Paraeducators Chapter 624
2009 Isa Weichmann, Sylvan Chapter 73
2008 Eddie Padilla, Merced City Schools Chapter 530
2008 Michael Casias, Merced City Schools Chapter 530
2007 Ben Valdapena, Yucaipa-Calimesa Chapter 209
2006 Rebecca Scheel, Gilroy Chapter 69
2005 Jane Bausa, San Diego Paraeducators Chapter 759
2004 Tony Rojas, Turlock Chapter 56