Life Member and Honor Roll awards

Approved by a vote of the CSEA annual conference delegates, Life Membership and Honor Roll placement are awarded to CSEA activists in recognition of extraordinary service to CSEA. Life membership is awarded only to current or former members. Honor Roll membership is sometimes extended to nonmembers. 

Life Members

Lawrence Twoaxe
John C. Swift
H. M. (Herb) Chellis,1935
George Luhrsen,1935
H. H. (Herb) Price,1936
Edward Haire,1937
A. K. Evans, 1938
Alfred Buck,1940
Cecil Prior, 1940
Frank Thomas, 1940
William T. Brown, 1940
William Francis, 1941
C. L. Green,1944
Robert Trimlett,1945
L.C. Sutliff,1947
Ed E. Black,1948
George Hackett,1948
Otto Palombo, 1949
Richard G. Watts, 1950
Lloyd C. Hoyt,1951
Emma D. Hoffman, 1952
Mike Brazil,1952
Robert Wales, 1953
Boynton T. Hays,1953
F. H. O’Brien,1954
William H. Zinn,1954
Lloyd W. Hitchman,1955
Charles J. Kramer,1956
Samuel W. Anthes,1957
Clarence Lawrence, 1959
Irene B. Riggle,1959
M. Ruth Whitcomb, 1959
G. Dale Keirn,1959
F. A. Stewart,1960
Raymond Gilstrap,1961
Wallace Campbell,1961
Harold Prough, 1961
George Durham,1962
Louis T. Norwood,1962
Roy Keys,1962
Nell Young, 1962
Elnora E. Hoyt,1963
Lewis G. McCall,1963
Clinton R. Mortenson,1964
Anne C . Brown,1964
Howard Rittenhouse,1964
Sigrid Teach, 1965
Walter Mengs,1966
Betty McKinley, 1966
Jesse Goodwin, 1967
Myrtle L. Salcido,1967
Evelyn S. Bennett,1968
Lois Cox Christensen,1968
Vern Hemingway,1968
Dan J. Pilione,1971
G. Donald Bernard,1972
George Batzianis,1972
Marcell Guest,1973
Jack G. Willard,1974
Dorothy Bjork,1976
C. Ken Brown, 1977
Bill D. Ellis, 1977
Glenn R. Lemley,1977
George Durham, 1978
Elious Levy,1978
Ina Pellizzer, 1978
Joe Poree,1979
Jane Gerber,1980
Eleanor Howard,1980
Beth Kenney,1980
Pat Smith, 1980
Bill Parker,1980
Kurato Shimada, 1980
Nadine Franklin, 1982
Herman Klingenberg,1983
Nancy Brasmer, 1984
Clarence Hettervik,1985
Bill Regis, 1987
William P. Schwartz,1990
Jane Dowell,1990
Leona Hatt,1990
Leona Hatt, 1990
Betty Cleveland, 1991
Dawn Bronsema, 1992
Alice Jordan,1994
Steven Araujo, 1995
Barbara Rao,1997
Bill Turner, 1999
Skip Hart,2002
Merry Kay Ezell,2003
Karen Gardner, 2004
Clyde Rivers, 2005
Sue Eustice, 2007
Carol Jones, 2008
Rob Feckner, 2009
Sophia Wages, 2010
Blanche Bispo,2011
Catherine Hluza, 2011
Ron Duva, 2012
Jan Rhoads, 2012
Allan D. Clark, 2013
Dayton Smith, 2013
Jennie Batiste, 2015
Ferral Hubbard, 2016
Tanna Thomas, 2016
Donna D'Arcy, 2017

Honor Roll

Charles Downey, 1945
Ray Leavitt, 1945
Mike Brazil, 1946
John Velotta, 1947
Howard Leard, 1948
M. Ruth Whitcomb, 1949
Lois Cox Christensen, 1953
Laura Hilton Davenport, 1953
William G. Paden, 1953
Irene B. Riggle, 1953
Frank R. Soderlun, 1954
Frank P. Burch, 1955
Betty McKinley, 1956
Howard Rittenhouse, 1956
Robert G. Barnes, 1957
Everett F. Brown, 1960
Harold Prough, 1961
R. E. Cleland, 1962
Vernon Hemingway, 1965
Ralph J. Davis, 1967
Ruth E. Dye, 1967
Dorothy Bjork, 1967
Alfred Pierce, 1968
Doris Plummer, 1969
Jane Dowell, 1970
George Paden, 1971
Ted Smith, 1971
Marjorie Haines, 1975
Willeen Hasler, 1975
Beth Kenney, 1976
John L. Woodie, 1976
Ina Pellizzer, 1977
Barbara Powell, 1980
Ethel G. Humphrey, 1982
Betty Dabney, 1982
Richard C. Bartlett, 1983
Eva Chase, 1983
Blanche Bispo, 1984
Lonnie Faraca, 1984
Dawn Bronsema, 1985
Betty Thornton, 1986
Velma Stephens, 1987
Kayo Burriesci, 1988
Skip Hart, 1988
Jack O’Connell, 1988
Wally Blice, 1990
William P. Schwartz, 1990
Muriel Lightfoot, 1991
Terry Drought, 1994
Edward Ryburn, 1996
Bill Turner, 1996
Jean McElroy, 1997
Dayton Smith, 2000
Sue Eustice, 2001
Eileen Robinson, 2002
Catherine Hluza, 2002
Gray Davis, 2004*
Sophia Wages, 2005
Corky Luce, 2006
Earl Walker, 2007
Mariam Stout, 2007
Faye Lane, 2008
Donny Carroll, 2009
Joe Rao, 2010
Maxine Shepard, 2011
John Coffee, 2012
Wanda Malone, 2012
Patrecia Bollin, 2013
Roy Hartnell, 2013
Larry Forshaw, 2014
Grace Schwartz, 2014
Hortensia Benner, 2015
Sandy Dabney, 2015
Nancy McCall, 2015
Ralph Santana, 2016
Chuck Huskey, 2016
Teri Minoux, 2016
Norma Pyle, 2016
Jim Vinion, 2016
Roxie Allen, 2017
Jeanne Foster, 2017
Arlina Montez, 2017
Rowena Smith, 2017

* Not a classified employee or member of CSEA

Related Resources

General Information Bulletin No. 10-17 explains the guidelines and procedures for nominating candidates for Life Member and Honor Roll awards

Association Life Member/ Honor Roll Nomination (Form 2029)

Annual Conference

Honors and Awards

Every year, CSEA members are recognized for their extraordinary contributions to their union and the students they serve.

Member of the Year Award

This award recognizes outstanding members for their commitment and dedication of classified employees to the students of California, community involvement, and activism.

CSEA Life Member and Honor Roll

Life Membership and Honor Roll placement are awarded to CSEA activists in recognition of extraordinary service to CSEA.

Communication Awards

CSEA’s Public Relations Committee recognizes CSEA communicators for their outstanding print and electronic communications.

California Classified Employee of the Year Award

Presented by the California Dept. of Education, this award highlights the efforts of classified employees.

California Community Colleges Classified Employees of the Year

Presented by the California Community College Board of Governors, this honors outstanding classified employees in community colleges.

Activist of the Year Award

This award recognizes members who vigorously advocate in political activities or specific causes important to the mission and goals of CSEA.

Humanitarian of the Year Award

This award is given to a person who reflects a noble desire to improve the lives of CSEA members and/or the community at large.

The Walter H. Blice Award

This award is given to a CSEA member/political activist in recognition for outstanding political service on behalf of CSEA.

The Victory Club Circle of Stars

This award recognizes the outstanding effort chapters make to increase enrollment in the Victory Club.

Membership Unity Program & Award

This vital program helps chapters increase strength and unity by providing training and motivation for chapter activists participation in crucial chapter activities.