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North Bay Field Office


CSEW 2019

Classified School Employee Week

Make your plans now for Classified School Employee Week, May 19-25. Order t-shirts, balloons and other items to show your classified pride. Also check for CSEA picnics, barbecues and other activities happening in your area.
Mary Kay Ezell Golf Tournament

Merry Kay Ezell Assistance Fund Golf Tournament

The 25th Annual Merry Kay Ezell Assistance Fund Golf Tournament will be held in Bakersfield On April 27th to raise money for the Assistance Fund.

Finally, a national award program for classified employees!

A new federal law (H.R. 276) will designate an official national award program to highlight the outstanding contributions of classified employees.

It’s never too early to think about retirement?

Regardless of your age, you should have a plan for your retirement. Even if you don't expect to retire for many years, it is never too early to begin planning.

NBFO Annual CSEW/Recognition Announcement 2019


Please join us for this special event in recognizing CSEA’s Classified Employees and the tireless union activists who volunteer each and every day helping others, who takes pride in protecting our human and workplace rights, who passionately believes in the livelihood of others and breathes the union’s mission, who are always bragging about what the union can to do for you and always encouraging everyone to participate in actions of the union…spread the word – all members welcome, this is a CSEA family affair!


Attachment:CSEW Picnic - Honoree Annoucement Flyer


BAY AREA Monthly News - November 2018

Jefferson Chapter 233 - Board Action


On the evening of September 26, 2018, The Jefferson Elementary School District Board met at City Hall.  One of the items on the agenda was an update on the District’s plans for implementation of FCMAT’s post audit recommendations for the Maintenance and Operations Department presented by M&O Director, Bill Heath.  Among FCMAT’s many recommendations was the elimination of three CSEA positions which were to be replaced by two management positions.  Discussions to date suggested that the District intended to implement this recommendation.  Following the Director of M&O’s presentation, the agenda revealed a board action to approve sending the two new manager job descriptions to the personnel commotion. 

Unbeknownst to the District, CSEA had been mobilizing.  If the District thought CSEA would stand on the sidelines while they unilaterally transferred our work outside of the Union they had another thing coming!  CSEA Chapter 233 President Laurie Lyman, Union Steward Rick Pacheco, Lead Maintenance Custodian Jose Norris, Lead Maintenance Custodian Dan Comaroto, and Labor Relations Representative David Wood attended the board meeting.

Following Bill Heath’s presentation, David Wood, Laurie Lyman, Jose Norris, and Dan Comaroto addressed the Board recommending that the Board give direction to the District to negotiate with CSEA prior to bringing these management job descriptions to the Personnel Commission and brought up other departmental concerns.  The board responded by grilling the District with numerous questions related to this issue as well as addressing their own concerns about morale in the M&O department.

Later that night, prior to the action item wherein the District was recommending the creation of two management positions, Jefferson Elementary School District AFT president Paul Hagan addressed the Board, standing in solidarity with CSEA in recommending the postponement of this action until CSEA had the opportunity to negotiate with the District.  David Wood again addressed the Board reminding them of the need postpone this action due to CSEA’s Negotiable interest due to the potential transfer of bargaining unit work outside of the unit.

Immediately following these two speakers, Board Member Marie Brizuela made a motion to table the action item until CSEA and the District had a chance to negotiate.  It was immediately seconded by another board member, followed by a unanimous vote to table the item.

To view our speakers in action as well as the board’s response, please visit the following links:

 When we stand together as one, we have the power to effect change: change that improves the lives of our members, our students, and our community.  A finger is not very impressive or convincing, but when five fingers come together, they make a fist.  With all the laws that CSEA has fought for in the Education Code and in our Contracts, we have powerful arm muscles to back us up so that together we can break through the walls of ignorance and inequity.  Our Union has power because we are united, because we stand by one another, and because we know our rights and exercise them. 

Later that night, the board took recess and the four Board Members came one by one to speak personally with CSEA representatives to express their support and concern about issues in the department. 

Since that time, members of the Maintenance and Operations department inspired and encouraged by this action met on a Saturday to discuss issues in their department and put together a game plan to address them.

At Negotiations in late October, the District informed CSEA that they have no intention of eliminating any CSEA positions and that any management position they create would be in addition to current staff. 

Actions like CSEA’s addressing the board on September 26 are like a spark.  When there is a lot of dry brush scattered about, that little spark will soon surge into a mighty conflagration that burns the desiccated chaff of injustice, providing light and warmth to the oppressed.

The fires are burning bright and hot at Chapter 233!


NBFO CSEW/Recognition Event

May 5, 2018