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Purpose Statement

When CSEA members retire from their jobs in schools, the Retiree Unit provides an opportunity to stay involved and continue to advocate for classified employees and working families. The Retiree Unit Executive Board is the elected leadership of CSEA’s Retiree Unit, working closely with local chapters and the Association to coordinate political and election-related efforts, assisting the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee in its service to members who are readying for retirement, and mobilizing to support legislation that benefits classified employees, retirement and public education.

Chairman's Message


 What Time Is It?

   It's time to fight



Summer 2018

We are all still trying to figure out the new "Tax Reform" bill that sailed through Congress and was signed into law by the president during our Christmas holiday perparations near the end of 2017, and ask: "Are we sure how it's going to affect us?" The answer, unfortunately, is "No."

We should all be advocating for the issues that affect older Americans. It's time to bring back the Gray Panthers. Some of the swamp ccreatures in Washington want to cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for President Donald Trump's tax cuts for the rich. We must keep fighting tyo protect Social Security and Medicare. We need to beef up the Older Americans Act. We need to increase voter registration and vote-by-mail programs.  

Social Security is not going under.  Social Security has a $ 2.9 trillion dollar surplus.  That means they can pay 100% of benefits for 17 more years and 80% after that, and if the rich folks would pay at the same rate, we could protect what we have now but provide more for millions currently enrolled plus the great wave of baby boomers entering retirement. The wealthy can ensure the viability of Social Security by paying their fair share now.

The attacks on the Affordable Care Act have added to the problem.  Many retirees and other working people are being hit hard by the increasing costs of healthcare, insurance and prescriptions.  These problems are only going to intensify in the future.  We must continue to fight for Medicare for All and Universal Care to lower the cost of prescriptions. We must allow Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescriptions with the pharmaceutical companies like the VA does.  We can’t afford to be silent anymore.  We have to fight to prevent 30 million people from being thrown off their health care.  We have to fight to prevent I,500 children of immigrant parents being ripped out the arms of their mothers only to become unaccounted for and lost in the system.  Yes, we must fight.  We must take action.  We must VOTE now and in November.  IT IS TIME!

In Solidarity,

Ron Duva

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State Capitol

Tony Thurmond's bill signed into law, banning for-profit charters

For-profit charter schools will be illegal in California after legislation co-authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond was recently signed by the governor.
Tony Thurmond

CSEA supports Tony Thurmond in November Election

In the November Election, friend of classified employees and champion of public schools Tony Thurmond will face off against a charter school advocate with ties to Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.
CSEA Shield

CSEA stands with members of UTLA

After members of United Teachers Los Angeles voted to authorize a strike if necessary, Association Ben Valdepeña issued a statement in support of UTLA members.
I'm In

Building strength through unity

CSEA has championed the rights of classified employees for nearly a century, transforming our members into respected partners of the education community. Today, we have a powerful, 91-percent membership rate and represent more than 240,000 employees throughout California, making us the largest classified school employee union in the nation.
Keith Pace

Congratulations to Keith Pace, CSEA's next Executive Director

Association President Ben Valdepeña announced at the CSEA Board Meeting on Saturday September 15, 2018 that Keith Pace will succeed Dave Low as CSEA Executive Director.

Are you thinking about retirement?

Regardless of your age, you should have a plan for your retirement. Even if you don't expect to retire for many years, it is never too early to begin planning for your retirement.