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Purpose Statement

When CSEA members retire from their jobs in schools, the Retiree Unit provides an opportunity to stay involved and continue to advocate for classified employees and working families. The Retiree Unit Executive Board is the elected leadership of CSEA’s Retiree Unit, working closely with local chapters and the Association to coordinate political and election-related efforts, assisting the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee in its service to members who are readying for retirement, and mobilizing to support legislation that benefits classified employees, retirement and public education.

Chairman's Message


Are we done with politics in 2018?

Not a chance!

Winter 2018

There is a familiar sound in my ear. It’s the great voice of Karen Carpenter singing “We’ve only just begun…” You know she’s right. All the political planning for the 2020 election has begun already. The requests for political donations are beginning to come to us. The unbelievable amounts of money needed to run the political campaigns today is staggering. It costs a campaign a ton of money to buy the radio and TV ads, lawn signs and mailbox stuffers that were driving us crazy. The thing is that now so much of this advertising is inaccurate, phony and filled with down and outright lies that it just turns people off from voting because they just don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Maybe if we attend more Town Hall meetings or watch more candidate debates we can discern more clearly who these folks are, what their ideas and proposals really are, and how they will affect us and our families. Until then, we need to begin the process of prioritizing our desires and needs in order to make decisions about policies and people to vote for. 

The 2018 midterm elections were very divisive and dangerous. Part of the blame for the mischaracterization, misconduct and mistreatment of other citizens can certainly be placed on the rhetoric of the President. However, the rhetoric of those opposing the President also share a portion of the blame. When we advocate such uncivil action toward each other, we should not be surprised when terrible reactions rise to the surface. We should remember that we are all Americans. As a military veteran of this country, the United States of America, I will never forget that. I hope you won’t either. 

Let’s promise ourselves to act more civilly to each other, and to respect another’s point of view and opinion even if we completely disagree with it. 

So, are we done with politics in 2018? Not a chance! But we have another chance to improve the quality of it. 

In Solidarity,

Ron Duva

Retiree Unit Chairman

Guest Appearance by Ben Valdepeña on the “Steve” Show

December 12th! See times here

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CSEA's Victory Club is the most important club you can join! Your contribution to the Victory Club ensures that your views are represented in the legislature and school boards. Join for as little as $1 a month. This video will tell you exactly how your money is used to protect your job and the continued education of our students.

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Helping Members in Need

In 2018, CSEA's Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund helped hundreds of members recover from devastating wildfires as well as individual hardships. These are some of their stories. 

CSEA's Assistance Fund gives members help and hope

Relying on member-donations, the Assistance Fund provided more than $300,000 in emergency and humanitarian assistance to members in need.
Mary Kay Ezell Golf Tournament

Mary Kay Ezell Assistance Fund Golf Tournament

The 25th Annual Merry Kay Ezell Assistance Fund Golf Tournament will be held in Bakersfield On April 27th to raise money for the Assistance Fund.  

Gov. Newsom proposes record funding for schools

Gavin Newsom’s first budget blueprint shows the governor is willing to invest in education and other programs that benefit working families. Besides proposing to increase education funding for K-12 schools and community colleges to the highest levels ever, the governor’s first budget plan also aims to pay down state pension debts and free up school district funds that would otherwise go toward pension contributions.
Have a Heart

New laws for 2019

In 2019, classified employees will have access to a significant increase in funding for training programs, expanded school safety measures and full benefits for part-time employees in merit districts and colleges.

CSEA and the community

CSEA members are known for being active in the community. In many ways, that's what being a CSEA member is all about.