Chapter Executive Board Toolkit

Welcome to the Chapter Executive Board Toolkit! This Web page is a valuable resource for chapter executive boards, providing chapter officers with the materials and information needed to strengthen chapters and best serve the membership. 

Roles of leadership 

The chapter executive board usually consists of the following elected officers: president, vice president(s), secretary, treasurer, and public relations officer. Depending on your chapter’s constitution other officers may also be included on the executive board. Individual chapter officer duties are usually described in each chapter’s constitution. Together, as the executive board, the officers have the responsibility and authority to manage chapter operations.

Use your resources 

CSEA provides its chapter officers with as much support as possible. Below, you will find links to dozens of resources to help you manage your chapter more efficiently and effectively. 



Learn more about CSEA’s structure and your role as a chapter officer. 

  • Resources: Resolve, Refer and Delegate — This listing shows which CSEA department is your primary resource for specific issues. Coming Soon

  • CSEA Structure (Pub. 203) — Each of CSEA’s approximately 750 local chapters provides its members with direct access to the union, its officers and its democratic processes.  

  • Executive Board (Pub. 105) — The executive board has the responsibility and authority to manage chapter operations between general and special membership meetings.  


Meetings and Minutes

Get tools to prepare for chapter meetings and record them as minutes.


Parliamentary Procedure

Learn proper meeting procedures, including motions, amendments and voting.


Financial Records

Learn CSEA’s official financial record keeping and reporting procedures.



Among the most protected and revered rights of union members are the right to vote and hold office.


Conference Information

Learn about delegate elections, resolutions and more.



Keep your members informed and engaged with an effective and professional communications.

  • CSEA Letterhead — Download a CSEA letterhead template to use in official CSEA letters and correspondence. 

  • Business Cards (Chapter Presidents Only) 

  • Communicating with Impact (Pub. 123) — This publication covers almost everything you need to know about communicating with members in your chapter. 

  • Communications Officer Resources — A monthly email of Communications Tools provides information to include in local communications. This email is sent to chapter presidents and chapter communications officers. 

  • Focus Magazine — CSEA’s flagship publication is distributed electronically on a bi-monthly basis. 


Additional Resources

Get answers to all of your questions. We’re here to help you.