Options for CSEA membership after layoff

While CSEA membership after layoff is optional, many members choose to retain membership. Below are your options for membership after layoff. 

Please Note: If you work less than 12 months per year and receive notice of layoff at the end of your normal work year, your CSEA membership stays in effect until the beginning of the next school year.

Retaining active membership in good standing 

Active members who are laid off and placed on a reemployment list have the option of continuing in active membership status so long as they are on their district’s re-employment list and continue to pay dues at the same rate they paid before they were laid off. These members retain CSEA voting rights and all other rights accorded active members, including the right to hold chapter office. 


There are two exceptions to this: 

  • Members placed on a re-employment list because they have exhausted all employer-paid leaves are not eligible for Active membership. 

  • Members on unpaid leave greater than 30 days are not eligible for Active membership. 

For more information about retaining your Active Membership, contact your CSEA Labor Relations Representative.

See Constitution Article II, Section 1(a); Bylaws VII, Section 1; and Association Policy 103


Inactive membership

Another option for Active members who are laid-off is Inactive membership. Inactive members may take advantage of special services, insurance, and other membership benefit programs, and are eligible for representation in any matter appropriate to ensure their employment status. Inactive members have no voice or vote in Association affairs and may not retain chapter office. 


As an Inactive member, you pay half of the dues you were paying at the time of absence/layoff. Inactive dues must be paid annually or for the actual number of months of the layoff, whichever is less.  


For more information about retaining your Inactive Membership, contact your CSEA Labor Relations Representative.


See Constitution Article II, Section 1(b); and Bylaws Article VII, Section 2



Laid-off members who retire may become members of the CSEA Retiree Unit. Retired members have access to special services, insurance and other membership benefit programs as may be made available to retirees, and shall receive the Association’s official publication as well as such other publications as approved by the Board of Directors. 


Retiree Unit members pay annual dues of $36.00. 


Learn more about joining the CSEA Retiree Unit


See Constitution Article II, Section 1(e); and Bylaws Article VII, Section 2

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