Make your voice heard this November

Your vote is truly your voice! There is no greater way to be heard than to cast your ballot in this year’s critical election on November 3. As a voter, you decide who leads our communities at all levels; from your local school boards to the U.S. Senate and Congress all the way to President of the United States. That is why it is important to support pro-labor candidates who will keep the work that you do every day at the forefront of their minds when they make important decisions that impact you and your family.

While classified employees in other states are facing widespread layoffs, furloughs and unsafe school re-openings, it is important to remember that California classified employees are in a better position because of the state lawmakers we have elected. California legislators helped pass a budget that protected classified jobs this year that—for the first time ever—gave classified staff protections that are normally only available to teachers. It is critical that we continue to support elected officials who value the work we do as classified employees. 

CSEA Voter Guide

Classified employees have a lot at stake in the coming election. That’s why CSEA is supporting a number of pro-education, pro-labor candidates in the November 3 General Election. For a list of statewide endorsements, see our Voter Guide.

Register to vote

California offers voter registration online, by mail, and in person. Online voter registration is available at RegisterToVote.ca.gov. You can also request and complete a paper voter registration form and mail or hand deliver it to your county elections official to register to vote.

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