Paraeducator Accelerated Training Hub – Now Open!

Recognized as a top provider of paraeducator training, CSEA is launching a new online Paraeducator Accelerated Training Hub (PATH). This on-demand learning platform is specifically tailored to help you improve your skills as a paraeducator and bring new knowledge to the classroom.

Developed with the new and seasoned paraprofessional in mind, PATH includes over 40 on-demand trainings that can be conveniently accessed at any time from August 2, 2021 through April of 2022.

Learn more about how to register for PATH or to review details on pricing, course titles and descriptions, and funding options.

CSEA helps create jobs for paraeducators

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CSEA helped create historic layoff protections for classified employees and established budget incentives for districts to hire thousands of new paraeducators statewide. CSEA sponsored Assembly Bill 86, which provided $456 million in 2021 to rehire laid-off paraeducators, hire additional new paraeducators and bring students and staff safely back to school.

  • The Essential Para Series

  • Student Instruction

  • Student Wellness 

  • SPED topics: Autism, social and emotional wellness, ADHD

  • Technology tutorials

  • New content is added regularly

As thousands of new paraeducators join school districts, CSEA is utilizing our experience and expertise to train and prepare them to be valuable support in the classroom.  We have been the respected go-to paraeducator professional development source for over two decades, offering training, educational opportunities and hosting the largest annual paraeducator conference in the nation.

FUNDING: Educator Effectiveness Block Grant 

As part of the 2021-22 State Budget, school districts have been provided with paraeducator training funds via the Educator Effectiveness Block Grant paraeducator training funds. Inquire with your District, Chapter President or CSEA Labor Representative.  

If you have questions about PATH or need help contacting your district about funding, please reach out to our PATH coordinator for more details:

Brandy Benton, Assistant Director, Member Benefits  (408) 433-1226

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