Schools will require a comprehensive safety plan before reopening

Many CSEA members have raised questions and concerns over Governor Newsom’s recent announcement that schools could reopen as early as July. The Governor’s comments were in reference to summer programming geared for younger students who are experiencing learning loss and whose parents need childcare support as they begin to return to work.

“Regardless of when or how the students return to school, the state must have a comprehensive plan in place to protect the health and safety of the students and the staff,” said Association President Ben Valdepeña. “This would include implementing physical distancing in all areas, including classrooms, cafeterias, buses and playgrounds. It would also require the availability of proper safety equipment for students and staff.”

CSEA will continue to make our members’ health and safety a top priority. We have been working in close collaboration with the Governor's office and state, district and local officials since this crisis began, and we will continue to advocate for all measures necessary to protect our members and our students.