CSEA supports Prop 15 to fund schools fairly

The California School Employees Association supports Proposition 15 because it will provide the reliable and fair funding source our students deserve, without raising taxes for hard-working Californians like our members.

Prop 15 will increase funding for K-14 and local government services by $12 billion per year. It won't raise taxes for our members or for small businesses; it only raises taxes for large

corporations that aren't paying their fair share by requiring commercial and industrial properties to be taxed based on current market value.

Everyone loves going to Disneyland, but it is a perfect example of how unfair our state's property tax system has become, and how Prop 15 will make it right.

Many big companies like Disney pay property taxes based on what their land was worth more than 40 years ago.  Disneyland pays property taxes based on what its land was worth way back in 1975.

That huge gap now costs our schools and communities $50 million each year that the rest of us have to pay. In fact, while Disneyland enjoys its tax breaks and our schools are short-changed, Disneyland ticket prices have increased 1,800%!

That’s just one of many examples of how we are paying more so these billion-dollar corporations can pay less on their property taxes.

In the last 42 years, the percentage of property taxes paid by California residents has increased from 55% to 72%. That right there shows that we are paying more to live in our homes and rentals while big corporations are paying less for their warehouses and office buildings.

Prop 15 will restore balance and protect homeowners and renters by making corporations pay their fair share for our schools, healthcare and essential services.

Right now, California schools rank 39th in per-pupil spending, are dead last with the largest class sizes in the nation, and our schools are facing budget cuts and staff layoffs. Prop 15 is needed now more than ever.

We are facing uncertain times in so many ways right now. But by voting YES on Prop 15 this November, we can give our students, their families and our dedicated school employees the stability they deserve without raising taxes for hard-working Californians who are already struggling.

This election is critical in so many ways, so please be sure to register to vote if you aren't already and get involved by volunteering to make calls for the candidates and issues you support, like Prop 15.

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