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Focus magazine

This publication is released six times a year via email for all active members, retirees and staff.


July/August 2021

CalPERS campaigns: Vote for Jose Luis Pacheco and David Miller

Also: Final President's message, Historic budget signed, Paraeducator Accelerated Training Hub, CSEY winners, Humanitarian Fund, More


May/June 2021

Retiree Unit 30th anniversary: How to sign up, inspiring testimonials

Also: Historic investments in public education, Jose Luis Pacheco for CalPERS, 95th Annual Conference details, Inside Cal Ed, Areas B and E logo winners, More



Back to school: CSEA members play a key role preparing for the 2021-22 school year

Also: President Dishman's first message, Historic legislative session, Governor Gavin Newsom's gubernatorial recall election victory, #MemberMondays, How to become a site rep, Member of the Year profiles, More


March/April 2021

We Are Essential: Stories about members helping their schools and communities thrive

Also: CSEA bills on the move in Sacramento, Paraeducator Conference, Health and Welfare Symposium, Have-a-Heart Month wrapup, COVID-19 memorial information, From the Capitol, More


September/October 2020

Vote Yes on Prop 15: Help put schools and communities first

Also: CSEA election endorsements, Census 2020, Layoffs update, Humanitarian Fund, From the Capitol, More


January/February 2021

Have-a-Heart Month: Member support more important than ever before

Also: Surviving COVID-19, CSEY Awards, Paraeducator Conference, Scholarship/Career Grant winners, Union Plus Holiday Giveback, More


July/August 2020

Reopening schools in the age of COVID-19: Classified employees preparing for a new way of life

Also: From the Capitol, CSEA 2020 Conference news, understanding layoffs, RISE Award, Scholarship winners, Area election results, More


November/December 2020

Service Above Self: Members who have served as veterans, volunteer firefighters

Also: Communication drives MOU process, chapters donate to Assistance Fund, Election thank you, Member Benefits, More


May/June 2020

Everyday Heroes: Members show they are essential to schools, communities

Also: Governor visits CSEA, Celebrate CSEW, Members share poetry, Ruben Santos member profile, 2020 Conference resolutions, More

Retiree newsletter

This publication is sent to retirees four times a year.


Summer 2021

CalPERS election is here: Help elect pro-labor candidates Jose Luis Pacheco and David Miller

Also: Retiree Leadership Conference, Granny Grant winners, Keep your information up to date, Area Retirees of the Year, Assistance Fund, More


Spring 2021

Invest in your future: Vote for Jose Luis Pacheco in this fall’s CalPERS election

Also: CalPERS Power of Attorney, Council 5000 Board Members, Working after retirement, District Days, Council 5032 supports its community, More


Winter 2020

Council 5015 spreading holiday cheer: Retirees calling fellow members to brighten their days

Also: Volunteers needed, Council 5000, Granny Grants, Retirees play role in 2020 election, New Retiree Facebook page, More


Fall 2020

Election 2020: Exercise your right to vote

Also: CSEA Voter Guide, Prop 15, New RUEB chair launches video series, First-ever Retiree Week, Installed RUEB Officers, More


Summer 2020

Having fun and staying active: Resources to keep busy while sheltering-in-place

Also: Recruiting Retirees, Retiree wins Social Security benefits, 2020 Census, Retiree raffles off quilts for Assistance Fund, More