Regional Representative Toolkit Resources 


Regional Representative Toolkit (Pub. 206)

This toolkit helps acquaint new CSEA Regional Representatives with the union structure, policies, programs, and most important—the valuable resources available to RRs and the chapters they serve.


The following resources are listed in the RR Toolkit.

Assistant RR Appointment Form (Form 3042)

Central Labor Council Quick Guide (Pub. 2109)

Chapter Audits (Pub. 115)

Chapter Constitution Format Guide (Pub. 119)

Chapter E-Board (Pub. 105)

Chapter Elections (Pub. 104)

Chapter Planning Calendar, Meetings & More (Pub. 217)

Chapter President (Pub. 106)

Chapter Ratification Checklist (Policy 610) (Pub. 2111)

Chapter Secretary (Pub. 108)

Chapter Treasurer Handbook (Pub. 109)

Chapter Vice President (Pub. 107)

Code of Ethics (Form 2002)

Communicating with Impact (Pub. 123)

Constitution & Bylaws (Pub. 204)

CSEA Acronym List (from Pub. 123)

CSEA Directory Reporting Form (Form 3040)

CSEA Letterhead Templates

CSEA Structure (Pub. 203)

Force of Governance Documents (Pub. 2100)

Frequent Activity Codes by RRs and Committees (Form 6041)

Guide to Regions and Areas (Pub. 2592)

How to Write a Resolution (Resolutions Bulletin)

Know Your Rights (Pub. 311)

Letter of Interest (Form 3007)

Member Benefits

Member Expense Form (Form 1002B)

Membership Application (English) (Form 1045)

Membership Application (Spanish) (Form 1045B)

Organizational Goals (Pub. 2020)

PACE FARF (Form 9010)

PACE Financial Assistance Request Form (Form 9011)

PACE Local Bond/Ballot Measure (Form 9012)

Policy Handbook (Pub. 205)

Pre-Conference Meeting Checklist (Form 6031)

President Contact In(Formation (Form 2037)

Regional Representative Toolkit (Pub. 206)

Regional Secretary Appointment Form (Form 3041)

RPMs Planning Guide (Form 6032)

RR Monthly Report (Form Form 2043)

Sample RR Monthly Report (Form 6036)

Standing Rules (Pub. 113)

Chapter Order Form: No-Charge Supplies (Form 1018)

The Life Cycle of a Chapter Constitution Amendment (Pub. 2099)

Victory Club Applications (Form 9066)