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Back to Work, Back to CSEA

A new school year is starting, and we’re all busy getting schools up and running with students settled in and ready to learn. There’s a lot of activity going on, but don’t forget to reacquaint yourself with CSEA and all the rights and benefits you have as a union member. Here is a short list of things to remember as we begin the new year:

Know your Contract

Be sure to have a copy of your contract or access to it online. All your rights and benefits negotiated by CSEA are outlined in this collective bargaining agreement, also known as your contract. If you have questions about the contract, ask a union steward or your chapter president.

Meet your Site Reps and Stewards

Many chapters have Site Reps, who are CSEA volunteers who can help answer any questions you have about your CSEA rights and benefits. If they don’t have the answer, they can refer you to the appropriate chapter officers or union staff. Union stewards are also member volunteers, who go through an extensive training program to protect your rights if they are violated under the contract.

Attend a Chapter Meeting

CSEA is a member-run union, and the easiest way to participate in our democracy is to attend a chapter meeting. Not only are these meetings open to all members, but all members are encouraged to attend. This is also a good place to get to know your chapter executive board.

Attend a CSEA training

From Know Your Rights workshops to Pre-Retirement Seminars and everything in between, CSEA offers a wide range of training opportunities to members. Grow your career and make the most of your current skills with CSEA’s M&O Academy, Paraeducator Conference, and Training U professional development program.

Save some money

CSEA’s Member Benefits program offers dozens of great money-saving discounts. Attend college for free, get reduced-rate mortgages and other financial services, plus choose from our many member-only insurance programs. Don’t forget to take advantage of all our discount tickets to theme parks, movie theaters and other family fun.

Get involved

We rely on members like you to step forward and contribute new ideas and new energy. There are many ways you can get involved with CSEA. When you’re at a chapter meeting, talk with leaders of your chapter to find out what kind of help is needed.