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Maintenance and Operations

From cleaning classrooms to performing skilled maintenance work, classified employees ensure that our schools are safe and comfortable places for students to learn.

Keeping up a school is not like maintaining a commercial property—it takes everyday experts who understand the unique needs of our schools and what it takes to keep them running smoothly. Custodians keep the classrooms and restrooms clean.

Groundskeepers keep grass areas safe for sports and other recreational activities. Skilled maintenance workers troubleshoot problems in school buildings and proactively ensure that facilities function properly.

CSEA owes its heritage to a small group of custodians who fought for pension benefits in 1927. Over time, CSEA has grown larger and stronger by adding different classifications, but we still haven’t lost touch with the needs and concerns of custodians and other caretakers of our school facilities.

What we do:

Custodial Professionals

During their workday, custodians interact with teachers administrators and parents. They are usually the first ones to arrive on campus to unlock gates, open restrooms, turn off alarms and to make sure the place is clean and poses no hazards to the students.

Groundskeeping Professionals

Groundskeepers keep schools presentable and safe for the students. They take care of all the plant life on school grounds. Groundskeepers trim and water lawns and other plants, apply fertilizers and insecticides where needed, prune trees and shrubs, maintain athletic fields and pick up litter.

Locksmith Professionals

A school locksmith's job is to ensure the safety of students and school equipment by keeping all of the doors and locks in a school working properly. They create master keys for the school district, help teachers get into the classroom when they get locked out and perform routine maintenance on all doors and locks.

Plumbing Specialists

Plumbers take care of emergencies, perform required maintenance and do renovations on water and sometimes gas plumbing. Plumbers are an integral part of a school district’s maintenance team because they keep the water running so students and staff can use the drinking fountains, bathrooms and sinks. Plumbers also prevent dangerous gas or water leaks.