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Office and Clerical Services

Office and Technical

School secretaries and technical support staff are the people who keep our schools running smoothly. Whether they work the front desk at an elementary school or work in information technology at the county office, classified employees perform critical services at all levels of public schools and community colleges.

As schools increasingly depend on new technology, classified employees perform data-entry work and even write custom software programs to meet the specialized needs of our schools. They maintain attendance records, answer the phones, pay the bills and communicate with parents and administrators—all while keeping pace with advances in computer and communications technology.

The accounting staff crunches the numbers, and school secretaries help students with their medications. Whether they are registering thousands of students at a large community college or explaining the afternoon bus route to the parent of a first-grader, office workers are vital to the success of our schools.

What we do:

Administrative Professionals

School office workers serve as liaisons between parents, teachers and administrators. They're involved in the daily operations of the school besides making sure the students are kept safe.

Financial Aid Professionals

CSEA members who work in financial aid offices at California's community colleges help students afford a college education by determining who needs financial aid, how much they can get and where they can get it.

Fiscal Professionals

Fiscal and budget professionals make sure the money goes where it is supposed to go. They keep track of funds, whether among departments, at the district level or from the school to the district budget office.

Computer/Information Technology Professionals

Information technology specialists make it easy to store information and retrieve it on computers. Some maintain Web site; others are troubleshooters who make sure the machines don't fail.

Network Specialists

In schools, computer network specialists are the ones to call for anything having to do with computers and technology, including installing new printers, updating software, running cables, setting up new e-mail accounts and managing domain servers.