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Special Services

Special Services

From campus security to shipping and receiving, classified employees provide many specialized services to school districts and colleges statewide.

School resource officers and other security personnel give students and staff peace of mind so they can focus on what really matters.

Classified employees contribute to public education in a wide range of other capacities. Depending on the specific needs of the district, classified employees do everything from migrant services and financial aid to warehousing, shipping and receiving.

These extraordinary workers are getting the essential work of our schools done.

What we do:

Campus Security

The primary job of campus security is to ensure the safety of the students and staff. They look for suspicious individuals or activities, and they prevent incidents from breaking out on school grounds. Most community colleges have their own police departments staffed with sworn police officers, while many high schools and junior high schools employ security workers.

Healthcare Professionals

School health professionals are the first ones to respond when a child becomes sick or injured at school. With districts facing cutbacks and reducing the number of certified nurses, the responsibility of students' health at school has shifted to classified employees.

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters translate spoken language using American Sign Language or Signed English for students who are hearing impaired. They work with groups of students or a single student depending on need.

Community Liaisons

A community liaison serves as a link between the school and the home. Students are referred to liaisons when obstacles such as financial hardship, health issues and social problems are keeping them from reaching their full potential in the classroom.

Dropout Prevention Specialists

Dropout prevention specialists monitor truancies and look for students who drop out. They inform students and their parents about the legal consequences resulting from dropping out and they give students the opportunity to return to or refer them to health or social service providers.