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Ad specs: Focus Magazine candidate ads

There are two ways to submit candidate ads for CSEA's official publication, Focus Magazine: You can design a "camera-ready" ad yourself, or you can submit text and a photo (optional) to be laid out by the CSEA Communications staff.

Camera-ready Submissions (You create the ad):  

You can design your own "camera-ready" ad, but it must be 3 5/8" wide by 2 5/8" high (if you are using a computer and need decimals, that is 3.625" wide X 2.625" high) This is the standard size candidate ad for Focus Magazine.

Submit the photo separately: Photo embedded in Word/pdf/publisher ad — Often, when members submit Camera-ready ads, they embed the photo into the artwork. The Communications Department can assure the best quality when a high resolution (300 dpi or higher) photo is submitted separately and our designers can place the photo for you.

Make sure it's the right size: Ads submitted as camera-ready need to be actual print size. Any changes we make could potentially distort the look of the ad, such as when we convert a non-standard size to the specified size to fit in Focus.

Use the right file type: The easiest files for our designers to work with are PDFs and Microsoft Word documents. We cannot open Microsoft Works documents and must convert Microsoft Publisher documents (creating the possibility for distortion and errors.)

Standard Submissions (CSEA "creates" the ad for the Candidate)

You can use the standard format developed by the CSEA Communications staff. It allows you to put up to 115 words and/or numerals, and one photograph in your advertisement.

Photos should be high resolution: Photos should be submitted as a high resolution (300 dpi or higher) JPG or GIF file, not embedded into a Microsoft Word document.

Bulleted lists take up space:
Bulleted lists take up more space and are more difficult to fit in the ad space, so the 115-word limit may not apply or the text will be very small.

Submitting your ad

You can mail your advertisements to: Editor, Focus Magazine, 2045 Lundy Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131 e-mail it to, or fax it to Editor, CSEA Communications Department at (408) 577-0582. If you e-mail or fax your ad, and you would like to include a photo, the editor must receive your photo in the mail by the deadlines listed below. All advertisements must be postmarked or received via fax or e-mail before midnight on the day of the advertisement deadline.

Issue Ad Submission Deadline Delivery Date
January/February December 2, 2019 January 24, 2020
March/April 2019 February 3, 2020 March 13, 2020

Candidates for Area Director/Alternate Area Director

Candidates for Area Director and Alternate Area Director are permitted one free advertisement in Focus magazine. Deadlines and publication dates are shown in the table above.