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I'm In! How about you?

We say, I’m in to fight for better pay raises, pension security, health insurance, sick leave and the other important benefits our families rely on. We say, I’m in to be stronger, so we make a difference in our lives and communities. We say, I’m in to make improvements for all classified employees and the students we serve. As CSEA members, we say I’m in for all of these reasons. How about you? Are you in?


As a CSEA member, you are part of something bigger and stronger than yourself as an individual. Someone’s always got your back, and you’re never in it alone. As a CSEA member, you have a personal support network of 250,000 members and 250 professional labor experts throughout the state. We take care of one another on and off the job—from protecting your rights at work to providing benefits and opportunities for your family at home. We stand up for you when you’re in CSEA.

My wages, benefits and rights are protected by my union contract. We need to stand together to protect the things the union has fought for. Do you like your contract, good wages and fair benefits? That’s what we negotiate as CSEA.

Jannie Thomas

Jannie Thomas

Elk Grove Chapter 831


CSEA members speak louder as a group than they do alone. That’s what being in a union is all about. What’s more, CSEA’s member-run democracy ensures that everyone’s voice is heard equally. From ratifying your contract and voting for CSEA officers to volunteering new ideas and energy, you have a say in everything we do. Your voice is always louder and more powerful when you’re in CSEA.

Eli Fochs

Eli Fochs

Computer Technician,
Yuba City Unified Chapter 265

As a member, I get to ask my boss for a raise without repercussions. I can negotiate for what I need to provide for my family. As part of CSEA, we lift our voices and fight together every step of the way.


Maybe it’s because we are already dedicated to improving the lives of the students we serve, but CSEA members just seem driven to make a positive difference in everything they do. As union volunteers, we are on the front lines of helping one another and supporting our mutual goals and interests. Whether you consider yourself an activist or just doing the right thing, it’s easier to make a difference when you’re in CSEA.

I believe in what we do for the kids in our district. CSEA gives me the tools I need to serve the students and stand with my co-workers. We make a difference every day.

Ron Walker

Ron Walker

Bus Driver/ Custodian/Grounds,
Orland Chapter 456


Let’s face it, respect is sometimes hard to come by. As classified employees, we are often overlooked for the contributions we make to our schools and community colleges. CSEA makes it a point that when it comes to your salary, benefits and rights on the job that you are not overlooked. We never stop working to ensure that you are respected in the workplace and recognized for the essential work that you do every day. Everyone deserves respect, and you get that when you’re in CSEA.

Dora Jaramillo

Dora Jaramillo

Administrative Secretary,
Oceanside Unified Chapter 370

I was tired of my coworkers being treated unfairly by district administrators, and I stood up to advocate for better treatment so we can continue the important work we do every day for our kids.

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