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Contacts and General Information

Direct general media inquiries to:
CSEA Communications (800) 632-2128

Specific contacts are provided on press releases.

If you have news items or ideas that you would like to share with CSEA, please e-mail them to editor@csea.com or call (800) 632-2128, ext. 1369.

Facts and Statistics

CSEA is the largest classified school employee union in the United States.

CSEA represents more than 250,000 classified school employees in public schools and community colleges throughout California.

CSEA was formed in 1927.

CSEA has nearly 800 local chapters throughout California.

Classified employees are: school bus drivers, custodians, school secretaries, paraeducators, food service workers and other essential workers in California’s public schools and community colleges.

The CSEA Board of Directors consists of 15 democratically-elected CSEA members. All Board members are volunteers who work regular classified jobs.