CSEA Dependent Scholarships

Please read the “Before You Get Started” Section below before clicking the Begin Application button. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, character, leadership and extra-curricular activities within the community. Financial need may also be taken into consideration on some. There are graduating high school senior, community college and college or vocational school scholarships.

Before you get started you will need:

Login information for this CSEA website

To start the application you will be prompted to login with the member's csea.com username and password. If you don’t have a CSEA website account, you can create an account in three easy steps. Forgot your username or password? Contact us online and we will reply with your login information usually within 48 hours.

Adjusted Gross Income from member's most recent federal tax return

This information is from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and can be from 2017 return if 2018 is not filed yet.: This information is found on the following lines of the tax return: Line 4 of form 1040EZ, Line 21 of form 1040A or line 37 of form 1040.

Registrar Signed Transcript (PDF)

For high school students, the transcript must be complete through the first semester of grade 12. For those already attending community college or a four year college or university, the transcript must include all courses taken at the college level. This should be in pdf format so it can be uploaded during the online application process.

Signed Letter of Recommendation (PDF)

A dated and signed letter of recommendation from someone who has direct knowledge of the applicant’s character, personality, leadership potential, capacity for growth, motivation, disciplined work habits, self-confidence, independence, and/or initiative. This letter cannot be from a parent or relative. This should be in a pdf format so it can be uploaded during the online application process.

Photo of Applicant

Please include a recent photo. This photo may be used for publicity purposes and will not be returned. It should be in jpg or png and be no larger than 5 MB. You will be asked to upload this as part of the application process.


Email scholarships@csea.com or call CSEA Member Benefits at (866) 487-2732.