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Annual Conference

Conference 101

CSEA's next Annual Conference will be held  July 19-23, 2020 in Las Vegas. If you're not sure what some of the terminology is or how some of the conference events work, here are some of the basics:

Who are Conference delegates?

All conference delegates are CSEA members who are locally elected or appointed to attend conference by members of the chapter they are representing. As they do at every conference, delegates spend the week gathering information, debating resolutions and budgets, and casting votes on behalf of their chapters back home. In addition to the formally scheduled events, these dedicated members take advantage of the annual gathering to discuss their challenges and exchange ideas with one another.

What is a resolution?

Resolutions are usually written and submitted by local CSEA chapters well in advance of conference. Each resolution proposes some kind of change to CSEA's policies or constitution and bylaws. Some resolutions propose that CSEA sponsor legislation that will improve conditions for CSEA members and California's public schools. Resolutions are debated by conference delegates and only approved with a majority vote. Learn what happened to resolutions approved at last year's conference in the Resolutions Progress Report.

How do elections work?

CSEA's constitutional officers (president, vice presidents and secretary) are elected every two years by delegates at conference. Area directors are elected in the spring by the chapters they represent. During the final business session, they are sworn into office. Learn more about CSEA internal elections.

What is a business session?

During business sessions, delegates debate and vote on resolutions, discuss and vote on the union's budget and perform other essential tasks that set the course for CSEA.

What is the Benefit Provider Area?

The benefit provider area is a hall dedicated to CSEA standing committees and invited vendors. The committees have booths with information to share on everything from pre-retirement seminars to education and training. As a delegate at the convention you are asked to meet with the vendors and bring information back to those you represent. The vendors bring useful information on insurance programs, money saving benefits and more. Delegates are encouraged to peruse the benefit provider area and bring home as much information as possible to share with their co-workers on bulletin boards, newsletters or in meetings.

What are Ed Days?

Education Days give members practical knowledge they can use on the job. Topics include job skills, union building and personal growth. Workshop presenters include CSEA members and staff, as well as outside volunteers. Workshops are held before business sessions, so delegates can attend without missing any debates or voting.

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