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Yuba City Unified 265: Bus Driver Dana Karr and Superintendent Doreen Osumi perform safety checks on the bus before heading out to pick up kids. (2018)


Fresno Food Service 143: Food Services Manager Roxanna Banuelos and School Board Member Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas navigate a busy school kitchen. (2017)


Los Angeles Chapter 500: Library Aide Anita Persoff looks on while Chief Facilities Executive Mark Hovatter reads a story to bright-eyed students. (2017)


Oak Grove Chapter 412: Education Services Director Amy Boles and Health Clerk Joelle Campbell tend to an ill student. (2018)


Hanford High Chapter 461: Coordinator of Communication Candace McIlroy and Superintendent Dr. Victor Rosa. (2019)


Santee Elementary Chapter 557: Groundsworker II John Burchard and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Pupil Services, Tim Larson, at Rio Seco School. (2019)

Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE)

More than 250,000 classified employees across the state of California perform a wide range of essential work, including security, food services, office and technical, school maintenance and operations, transportation, academic assistance and paraeducator services, library and media assistance in kindergarten through 12th grade, Community Colleges and County Offices of Education.

The work of classified employees contributes to the academic and personal success of all students. They are dedicated to their profession. However, working behind the scenes, they often go unnoticed.

CSEA’s Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE) program began more than a decade ago to bring the work of classified employees out of the shadows. Held in districts statewide, ACE demonstrates the importance of classified employees’ daily responsibilities by shining a light on their jobs.

During the program, administrators (including superintendents, district-level administrators and principals), Board Members, Parent Teacher Association members, City Council members and more are invited to sign up to “job shadow” classified school employees during Classified School Employee Week, held the third full week of May.

Help this year’s ACE program be a success by kicking off with your outreach today!

Who participates in the ACE program?

Chapters participating in the ACE program are selected through a nomination process. Those who are interested should reach out to their Field Office or Labor Relations Representative to be nominated. All nominations are sent to the Association President, who selects a participating chapter from each area. In 2019, nine chapters statewide were selected to be in the ACE program.

Any chapter can host a job shadow day

While only a select amount of chapters are chosen for the ACE program, any chapter can host a job shadow day or Classified School Employee Week events. These events will require cooperation and planning by both chapter leadership and district administration, both of which will be involved during every step of the program.

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