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CSEW Events

Celebrate CSEW, share your pride in the work you do

CSEA events and activities are being planned up and down the state to Celebrate Classified School Employee Week. To find out what’s happening near you, contact your chapter leaders or your area director or regional representative to see if area or regional events are being planned.

In addition to major social gatherings, there are several ways for you to celebrate CSEW and share your pride in the work you do.


Social Events

Barbecues and Picnics
Many CSEA members gather for weekend barbecues and picnics. Contact your area director or regional representative to see if area or regional events are being planned. 

Wear a CSEW  T-Shirt
Order everything from t-shirts to mugs and show your pride during Classified School Employee Week. Download Order Form.

School Activities

Adopt a Resolution
Ask your school or community college board of trustees to adopt a resolution recognizing CSEW. The same request can be made to county offices and city/town councils.

School Marquees

Arrange for recognition of the week on school marquees.

Bulletin Boards
Design bulletin boards with themes honoring classified employees in a visible location, like your district lobby or main offices at school sites.

Luncheons and Receptions
Ask administrators, parents and/or teacher groups to sponsor a luncheon or reception for classified employees.

Design a Poster
Have students make posters that highlight the work of classified employees. Encourage teachers to include them as an art assignment or hold a contest.

Community Recognition

Invite Parents, Teachers and Friends
Encourage PTA and Chamber of Commerce officials to issue a proclamation, similar to the resolution submitted to your school board.

Build Solidarity
Contact your local Central Labor Council and inform its members about CSEW and your chapter's planned activities.

Honors and Awards

Create an Award
Promote or start a local “Classified Employee of the Year” program to honor outstanding classified employees.

Honor Achievements
Have your executive board honor members for their dedication and service to your chapter or region.


Facebook and other Social Media
Promote CSEW through Social Media.

Local Newsletters
Promote CSEW and any local activities with articles and fliers in your chapter newsletter.

Tell the Newspaper
Write a news release to publicize CSEW and any related events or activities.



Read about CSEA members and Classified School Employee Week.


From group activities to resolutions and awards, there's a lot going on.


Get the latest CSEW T-shirts, mugs and other good stuff.

Social Media

Share your own CSEW pics and comments. Get started here.


Watch and share videos featuring classified employees.