National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 21–25, 2019

Join CSEA and schools around the country as we recognize National School Bus Safety Week Oct. 21-25, celebrating the theme: "
My School Bus, The Safest Form of Student Transportation!"

CSEA is a leader in advocating for student transportation safety in California, including sponsoring the 1968 law that requires all buses to carry the "Stop when Red Lights Flash" sign. Studies have proven that the most dangerous part of the school bus ride for children is when they get on and off the bus. Remember to pay close attention to school buses when you see them driving on the street and teach children how to be safe when boarding and exiting the bus.

CSEA is proud to represent more than 8,500 school bus drivers and other transportation workers. These dedicated employees ensure that school buses remain the safest form of transportation in America. According to the National Safety Council, school buses are 172 times safer than the family car.

School Transportation Professionals

From winding country roads to busy city streets, school bus drivers carry the most precious cargo: our children. School bus drivers, mechanics and other school transportation personnel are the safest and most qualified in the state.

They also care about the kids and the community. Bus drivers know that parents want the peace of mind that comes from trusting the person behind the wheel of the big yellow bus.

School bus drivers volunteer for more training than any other drivers in the state, and they are all required to pass an extensive background check before they receive a license to drive a school bus.

Getting kids to and from school safely and on schedule makes bus drivers, mechanics and other transportation personnel an integral part of our schools and our communities.


Video: Karen Sweet (now retired) from Galt Chapter 362 shares the joy she gets from driving a school bus for students with special needs. As a grandmother, she understands the responsibility she has looking out for other people's children.

"They're trusting you to take care of their babies," Sweet says. "It doesn't matter if they're two or three when they first start to school, or they are out of the program at the high school. They're still their babies. They still want them to be protected, and that's my job."

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What we do:

Transportation Professionals (PDF)

Bus drivers are the people who make sure that students get to school and back home safely every day. They are the first school workers to greet students in the morning and the last to wave goodbye to them in the afternoon.

Auto Mechanics (PDF)

Handling everything from routine maintenance to major overhauls, district mechanics ensure that maintenance equipment, school buses and other vehicles used for transporting students and staff operate smoothly and safely. The preventive maintenance they perform on a daily basis saves school districts money on costly repairs and equipment replacement.