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Paying tribute to CSEA members who served

CSEA has many members who served in the military and continue to live by the values of service to others through their work in schools. First, they protected our country and, in their career, they decided to dedicate their lives to improving our public education system. In regard to Veterans Day, President John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Veterans Day, originally Armistice Day, honors all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Originally, it was meant to mark the end of World War I, but was expanded in the 1950s to include all veterans. We take this day to remember that freedom is never free, and it took the service and courage of millions of brave men and women in our military to give us the rights we have today.

How did your military service help you as a classified employee?

Of course, you don’t join the military to get rich, you do it because you want to serve. And taking a civil service job, you’re still giving back to the community. I’m a maintenance tech here at Newport-Mesa Unified School District, where I make sure the lights stay on and the projectors are working and the doors open and close properly, so the kids can still go to school and go to class.

Gary Logan

Gary Logan, Army

Maintenance Technician
Newport-Mesa Chapter 18
Margaret Ortiz

Margaret Ortiz, Navy

Secretary II,
Claremont Chapter 200

When I enlisted, I had never traveled anywhere out of my local 45-mile radius. After I joined, I was able to meet different people all over the world and different walks of life and races. I think it kind of helped me to not be so judgmental and really understand that we are so different, but we are all connected in some way or another.

Coming out of high school, I was kind of searching for what I wanted to be in life. I had a goal and it was public service. I made connections with teachers and administrators, which ultimately, they looked back and saw that experience was going to be of value to them and the community and the students that they serve.

Rengeal Uribe

Rengeal Uribe, Army and Coast Guard

Campus Assistant
Sweetwater Paraprofessional Chapter 731
Robert Kaufmann

Robert Kaufmann, Army

Brentwood Chapter 895

In the service, and then with the guys I work with today, we all work good together. It’s been a big help understanding different people because you meet all kinds of different people from different backgrounds.

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