Submit a Veterans Awareness Week resolution to your school board

One way to get official recognition for our military veterans by having your school board or other governing board adopt a resolution supporting Veterans Awareness Week. Just customize our sample resolution and submit it (you can use the sample letter below).

Sample letter to School Board:

Dear (Name of District Board):

The California School Employees Association, (Chapter Name/Number) respectfully requests that the Big District USA adopt a resolution declaring the week of November 5–11, 2017 as Veterans Awareness Week.

Help us honor those individuals and reflect on their sacrifice During Veterans Awareness Week and Veterans Day. All of the men and women throughout history who fought in battles, served in the National Guard and the reserves or were stationed in a base, stateside or overseas, did their part to protect the safety and rights of Americans. They deserve our recognition and respect for their service.

A sample resolution is attached for your reference.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

(Name/ Title)
CSEA (Chapter Name/Number)

Download Sample Resolution

Submit this resolution to your school board to formally recognize Veterans Awareness Week. The resolution is already written. Just fill in your school district’s name.

Download Resolution

Getting a resolution adopted

Allow time

It is important to submit the resolution in time for it to be passed before Veterans Awareness Week. (Contact the board secretary to determine local procedures and timelines.)

Contact the board

Draft a letter (left) and sample resolution and submit it to the president of the board. Be sure to send copies to all board members and appropriate staff.

Gather support

Encourage classified employees, teachers, school board members, administrators, city or county officials to express their support of the resolution.

Thank board members

After approval, send a letter and/or personally thank board members for their support.