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Some of the content on csea.com is for members onlyjust enter your username and password for access. (Note: you can check the “Remember Me” box to avoid future log in prompts.) If you don’t have an account yet, it’s easy to create, and any member in good standing can create one. If you already have a csea.com account, you will not be able to create a second one, but you can recover your existing username and password.


  • Your username cannot be an email address.
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  • Usernames are case-sensitive.
  • Avoid creating usernames with spaces (if you do, you will have to remember to include the space when you log in).


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I forgot my username, password or both

You can request that this information be automatically emailed to you. However, you will need to enter your Member ID number and last four digits of your Social Security number for verification.

I requested my username or password but did not receive an email

First make sure that the email was being sent to the correct email address. Also, be sure to check spam and junk folders in your email inbox. You can also check your email settings on how to whitelist or add @csea.com to your email safe senders list.

I have other questions

We have a page of answers to frequently asked questions and other web help information at www.csea.com/webhelp