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Retirement Security

Retirement security has increasingly come under threat. As workers, we earn our retirement. It’s not a gift, and it certainly isn’t a benefit we can afford to lose. CSEA was founded in 1927 by a group of Oakland school custodians set out to secure retirement benefits. Today, their legacy is one that we fight to protect every day. 


The skyrocketing cost of healthcare has had a strong impact on working families and has created some tough bargaining battles in CSEA chapters. That's why we have been working as your advocate at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that you receive the best healthcare possible without sacrificing your pay or other benefits.

Union Rights

Most of the legal rights and safety laws that protect American workers were not created out of employer goodwill, they were fought for by hard-working union members. Today, unions are under an unprecedented attack from political special-interest groups who want to roll back worker protections, civil liberties and the right to collectively bargain for pay and benefits.

Public Education

Whether you work for a K-12 public school, community college, county office of education or other school support agency, there are many central issues that matter to all of us. That's why CSEA is your advocate for adequate school funding, workplace safety, job security and professional development — to name a few.

School Safety

CSEA members are on the front lines when it comes to keeping our students and schools safe. How can you keep them as safe as possible, and what can you do to keep yourself out of harm's way?.

School Funding

With the passage of Proposition 55 in 2016, California is finally making a sustained investment in public education. However, years of budget problems have taken a toll on California's education system and our students. California public schools rank last in the nation for the number of teachers per student, as well as in the number of librarians, counselors and critical support staff. 

LCFF & LCAP Toolkit

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is the new school funding calculation in California. As part of the LCFF, LEAs must develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to set goals in eight priority areas specified by the state. The information in this toolkit provides some overall information to help you understand the LCFF and the LCAP so you can be involved in your district’s process.


In California and elsewhere the trend toward outsourcing, or contracting out, has been growing at an alarming rate. For public schools, there is an outside company available for virtually every classified service. While it makes good public rhetoric to proclaim cost-savings for cash strapped schools, outsourcing brings with it a host of problems—and in many cases, it produces little or no cost-savings at all.


CSEA is fighting for your job at all levels - from the district office to the state capitol. Unfortunately, California's budget crisis has made layoffs  inevitable for many school districts. Find out what your rights are if you get laid off.

Political Action

For CSEA, political action has always mattered. But in an era of unprecedented budget cuts, skyrocketing healthcare costs and constant threats to employee rights and benefits, political action matters now more than ever before.


Learn more about key bills that could affect classified employees, public education and working families or download the Governmental Relations Report, which has a complete listing of current bills that CSEA supports and opposes.

Election Information

Find out which ballot measures and candidates CSEA believes will best support public education and working families in the upcoming election.

Know Your Rights

As classified employees, we are afforded many basic rights by law or through collective bargaining. Learn about your rights on the job and what you can do to protect yourself if your rights are violated.

Boycott List

Under CSEA Policy, the State Board of Directors may encourage boycott activities by the membership against a company or organization which engages in anti-worker activities and is deemed to be detrimental toward CSEA and its members.