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California students deserve to receive a quality public education. That’s why classified employees, teachers and parents are deeply concerned with the unregulated growth and lack of accountability of the state’s 1,300 publicly-funded, privately-managed charter schools.

CSEA does not oppose charter schools, we just want them to comply with the same laws as traditional schools. The fact that charter schools do not have to comply with the same laws has resulted in serious problems for students, parents and employees in charter schools and traditional schools. 


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10/3/19 Governor signs landmark charter school reform bills


Impact on local communities

Charter schools are hurting public schools and leaving a lasting impact on our communities. While public schools serve the local community by accepting all local students who enroll, charter schools are selective and only serve a small segment of students.


Cost to our schools, students and staff

Every taxpayer dollar that is diverted to these privately-managed schools is money that is no longer available to help improve neighborhood public schools. With California ranking 41st in the nation when it comes to public school funding, this is a financial cut we simply can’t afford.


Unregulated growth of charters

California initially approved a maximum of 100 charter schools. Today, there are roughly 1,300 charter schools throughout the state. In urban areas such as Los Angeles and Oakland, charter schools have seen a disproportionate spike, creating enrollment turmoil in neighborhood public schools and an ongoing struggle over local resources.


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