Election 2018

Tony Thurmond Tony Thurmond

CSEA members help get out the vote for education


CSEA members helped get out the vote in districts all over the state, changing the status quo in Washington, D.C. and electing pro-education, pro-worker candidates to California's highest offices, including Gavin Newsom as the next California governor and Tony Thurmond as the next State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

"I am pleased at the support shown during this past election cycle," said Association President Ben Valepeña. "Many of our members and staff volunteered their time to man phone lines, text 'Get Out the Vote' messages, perform site visits and walk precincts. These efforts helped insure victories with 90 percent of CSEA-endorsed candidates winning their respective races."

The State Superintendent election turned out to be a very close race, and results weren't final until several days after the election. Charter schools and billionaires spent nearly $46 million in a losing effort to elect Thurmond's pro-charter school opponent. Without the hard work of CSEA volunteers, this race could have ended differently.

"I want to thank the voters of California for electing me to serve the six million students of California," Thurmond said via Twitter. "I intend to be a champion of public schools and a Superintendent for all California students. I want to thank Marshall Tuck for his gracious call to congratulate me and wish me well. Time to get to work!"

State Constitutional Offices

Governor: CSEA endorsed candidate Gavin Newsom won by a landslide.

Lieutenant Governor: CSEA candidate Ed Hernandez lost this race, which was between two Democrats. His opponent, Eleni K. Kounalakis, is progressive and pro-labor.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond came from behind to win this close race.

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara won a tough race against a millionaire who spent nearly twice as much money to blanket the state with ads to portray himself as an Independent.

Other State Offices: CSEA-endorsed candidates won all the other state constitutional offices. Betty Yee won another term as State Treasurer, Fiona Ma won her race for State Controller, and Alex Padilla remains as our Secretary of State.

State Senate

SD 12 (Caballero): Despite a break-in at her campaign office that delayed get-out-the-vote efforts on election day, Anna Caballero was victorious in this closely watched race.

SD 14 (Hurtado): This was an upset win for the Senate President. Melissa Hurtado unseated incumbent Andy Vidak. CSEA was one of the first unions to endorse Hurtado.

SD 34 (Umberg): Early vote results had incumbent Janet Nguyen winning, then Tom Umberg took the lead.

SD 22 (Eng): Unfortunately, Mike Eng lost his race to Susan Rubio. Despite his victory in the primary, Rubio’s campaign was funded by oil companies and charter supporters spent over $4 million, outspending labor 4-to-1.

State Assembly

AD 16 (Bauer-Kahan): Rebecca Bauer-Kahan unexpectedly beat Catherine Baker in the San Leandro area.

AD 38 (Smith): Democrat Christy Smith overtook incumbent Dante Acosta in late ballot counts from Los Angeles County.

AD 60 (Cervantes): CSEA participated in an IE and worked with the local Central Labor Council to retain Sabrina Cervantes in a tough race.

AD 74 (Petrie-Norris): CSEA and our allies were a big help through an IE for Cottie Petrie-Norris.

AD 76 (Horvath): CSEA and our allies were able to help secure this win in both the primary and general election.

U.S. Congress

CD 10 (Harder): Democrat Josh Harder took out incumbent Jeff Denham in Modesto.

CD 21 (Cox): TJ Cox pulled ahead of three-term Republican incumbent David Valadao in the Kern County area.

CD 25 (Hill): Katie Hill defeated incumbent Steve Knight in the northern outskirts of Los Angeles.

CD 39 (Cisneros): Gil Cisneros, a Navy veteran, will succeed retiring 12-term Republican Rep. Ed Royce in in this district, which covers Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

CD 45 (Porter): Democrat Katie Porter ousted Mimi Walters, a two-term Republican who lost in inland Orange County.

CD 48 (Rouda): Harley Rouda defeated 15-term Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in the coastal Orange County seat.

CD 49 (Levin): Democrat Mike Levin beat Republican Diane Harkey in this open seat to replace retiring nine-term GOP representative Darrell Issa in the southern Orange and northern San Diego county coast.

Ballot Propositions

CSEA took six formal positions on 11 ballot initiatives. We were successful in three propositions: a) Passing Proposition 1 to help build affordable housing for veterans and working families, b) Defeating Proposition 5 that would have cut upwards of $1 billion from local revenues for school and local services, and c) Defeating Proposition 6, that would have eliminated funding for maintenance of roads, bridges and other public transit improvement projects.

Unfortunately, we did not get the desired outcome in three propositions: a) To defeat Proposition 8 to regulate the profit of dialysis companies, b) To enact Proposition 10 to give local communities the power to adopt rent control policies, and c) To defeat Proposition 11 to prevent private ambulance companies from taking meal and rest breaks from overworked first responders.

For additional election information, please visit: the California Secretary of State's election results page.

Thank you!

As we approach this holiday season, we want to thank all our members and staff, who came out to work and volunteer to help elect our CSEA-endorsed candidates and ballot measures. Your hard work made all these victories possible.

How CSEA's endorsement process works

Candidates are selected by CSEA’s Political Action for Classified Employees (PACE) Committee for recommendation to the CSEA Board of Directors, with CSEA Board Members making the official endorsement. The PACE recommendations are based on candidates’ voting records, answers to CSEA’s questionnaires and candidate interviews or some combination. Candidates are rated for such recommendation based on issues of importance to CSEA, including school and community college funding, retirement benefit protections, healthcare reform, workers’ rights and other issues impacting CSEA members in their work place.