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Schools and Communities First

Sign the petition to help qualify this initiative for the November 2020 Ballot

Schools & Communities First is supported by CSEA and a broad coalition of leaders and organizations throughout California and the nation. This effort is critical to restore $12 billion to California's schools and communities every year.

Most of us want similar things: good schools for our children, a healthy family, and safe neighborhoods. But for more than four decades, big corporations have not been paying their fair share, leaving California’s school funding falling behind. California now has the most overcrowded classrooms in the U.S. and some of the worst ratios of counselors, librarians, and nurses per student. Schools & Communities First ensures that our schools and communities come first – with the resources to educate all of our kids and the services to support all of our families. It closes commercial property tax loopholes benefiting a fraction of corporations and wealthy investors, without affecting homeowners or renters, and reclaims $12 billion every year to fund world-class schools and strengthen local economies to lift up all Californians. It’s time to invest in California’s future.

What does Schools and Communities First do?

RECLAIMS over $12 billion per year for K-12 schools, community colleges, and local communities.

CLOSES commercial property tax loopholes and ends shady schemes that big corporations and wealthy investors use to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes.

PROTECTS all homeowners and renters by maintaining tax protections for ALL residential property.

INVESTS in educating all of our kids and in the vital services necessary to support our families and communities.

PROVIDES one of the largest tax incentives in a generation to spur new investment in small businesses.

LEVELS the playing field for all the businesses that already pay their fair share.

ENSURES strict accountability so that money goes directly to our students and communities.

Join a powerful and growing coalition of labor unions, small business owners, elected officials, teachers, students, housing advocates, social justice groups, and faith-based organizations in supporting the first structural and equitable tax reform in four decades.

Sign the Petition

Contact your CSEA Labor Relations Representative to sign the petition and find out how you can get involved.