CSEA's Assistance Fund gives members help and hope

CSEA Cares

The Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund is disbursed through two different programs: The Emergency Assistance Program and the Humanitarian Assistance Program. This past year, CSEA gave more than $275,000 in emergency assistance to members affected by natural disasters such as the major fires in Butte, Shasta, Trinity, Orange, Riverside, Lake, and Mariposa counties. CSEA also awarded more than $30,000 in humanitarian assistance to members who endured financial hardships from health, job, or other unexpected life circumstances.

“The fund is very important, because any one of us can be one bad issue away from needing money from the fund,” said CSEA First Vice President Shane Dishman. “We are an organization of real people that have a sense of teamwork, membership, love for their fellow brother and sister, and commitment to improving each other’s situation, whether at work or life.”

CSEA Annual Conference raises $51,000 for Assistance Fund

This past summer, CSEA hosted its Annual Conference in Sacramento, where approximately 1,500 delegates met to discuss and vote on CSEA resolutions and budget. In addition, CSEA held various raffles and activities that raised over $51,000 in donations specifically for the Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund.

25th Annual Assistance Fund Golf Tournament

Each year, CSEA hosts a golf tournament to raise money for the Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund. Since the start of the tournament in 1995, the event has raised over $316,000 for the Assistance Fund. The 25th Annual Assistance Fund Golf Tournament will be held in Bakersfield (new location) on April 27. Members can register to play or donate as a sponsor. Call the CSEA Fresno Field Office at (559) 226-4200 for more information.

CSEA’s “Share the Joy” Program

Several times a year, CSEA staff host “Share the Joy” luncheons and raffles at CSEA headquarters in San Jose. The proceeds benefit CSEA families in need. In December, 80 members with children who applied for humanitarian or emergency assistance in 2018 were each awarded $225 Target gift cards to assist during the holidays.

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