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Feb is Have-a-Heart Month

Paying it forward

Assistance fund helps members in need

Since the creation of the Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund, CSEA has assisted thousands of members in need. The people who have been helped by CSEA have stories that are as varied as life’s many experiences. The positive message they all share is one of hope, which the union provided for them in the darkest of times. Each of these members are grateful for your generous donations, and they encourage others to reach out for help if they need it.

Marlene Ford

Librarian Tech gets help after devastating fire

Marlene Ford, librarian tech with Ukiah Unified School District and member of Ukiah Valley Unified Chapter 194, was embarrassed to ask for help after an electrical fire left her home uninhabitable in April. Read More »

Kelley Shiverdeck

Instructional assistant recovers from life-threatening illness

Last fall, Kelley Shiverdeck, an instructional assistant with Meadow Park in the Irvine Unified School District and member of Irvine Chapter 517, found herself dealing with what she thought was the common flu. It started with the typical symptoms, coughing and sneezing. But after a month, it progressed into something much more as this “flu” was impacting every waking activity and functioning, such as walking, talking, breathing, thinking and driving. Read More »

Brieanna Nanney

High school secretary and union family cope with loss and financial strain

As a third-generation union employee, Brieanna Nanney was grateful for the support of her CSEA brothers and sisters when she lost the “glue that held our family together.” Her 64-year-old dad passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on September 18, three days before his 38th wedding anniversary. He left behind his wife Julie; daughters Brieanna, Brandee, Brooke and Brittney; and nieces and nephews, among others. Read More »

Judith Mosher

Tutoring coordinator comforted by kindness and support

Exactly one month before their 24th wedding anniversary, Judith Mosher experienced something she would have never seen coming. She lost her husband to a stroke. He passed away on July 17, nine days after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for life support. Read More »

Jeanette Pendley

Instructional assistant and family thankful for CSEA after wildfire

On August 22, Jeanette Pendley’s world literally crumbled to the ground as she lost her beloved pets, the home they were in the process of remodeling and some of her most cherished belongings in the Mountain Fire. Without warning, it started about a mile away from their house and progressed quickly. Read More »

Assistance available to members in need

The Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund provides financial relief to members in need and is disbursed through two different programs: the Emergency Assistance Program and the Humanitarian Assistance Program. To be eligible for either of these programs you must be a CSEA member in good standing or a CSEA staff employee in paid status. Learn more at csea.com/humanitarian

Donate to members in need

Fund relies on donations

Support for the Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund doesn’t come from union dues—it relies solely on donations from our CSEA family. If you’ve already made a donation, thank you for your generosity. If not, please consider how much your contribution will be appreciated by those members in need. Donate Today.

Donate Online

Use our easy-to-use online donation form. Donate Today

Donate by check

Please send your donation to:
Dorothy Bjork Assistance Fund
2045 Lundy Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

Donate by phone

Call CSEA Member Benefits 866-ITS-CSEA (866-487-2732), option 1.

Donate by payroll deduction

Give a little each pay period. Payroll Deduction Form

Memorial Contribution

Honor a fellow CSEA member or someone else you care about with a memorial/honorary gift to the Assistance Fund. Fill out the Memorial Contribution Form.


When you shop at AmazonSmile, you can designate 0.5% of your purchases to go towards the CSEA Assistance Fund. Learn More

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