CSEA Wellness Champions


CSEA is extremely excited to have so many members participating in our Wellness Champions program. For those of you who have already gotten active, we hope that you have been taking the time to read the “Wellness Champion Start-up Kit” and talking to your co-workers about taking steps towards group wellness. If you are new to the CSEA Wellness Champions, find out what you can do to get started in the Wellness Champion Start-up Kit.

The first few weeks of fall are exciting, but they can also be stressful. This is a very important time to take care of ourselves. CSEA in partnership with Kaiser Permanente is here to support you!

We encourage you to reach out to your union brothers and sisters, as well as other co-workers for support. To get the fall started, decide on just one small thing that you can do with your co-workers to support one another: taking a walk, pausing to stretch and breathe or sharing some healthy food. We’d also like to start collecting your success stories so we can spread the good ideas with your union brothers and sisters!

Tell us your story

Please share your story with us. We want to recognize your work so that your brothers and sisters across the state can learn from your experience: cseawellnesschamp@csea.com.

Find us on Facebook

Get additional updates and communicate with other CSEA Wellness Champions on Facebook. www.facebook.com/CSEAWellness

It's easy to become a CSEA Wellness Champion

Start with small steps. Anyone can do it!

  1. Start a walking group
  2. Lead activity and stretch breaks in your workday and union meetings
  3. Start a salad club with your co-workers
  4. Pass a resolution to support healthy food at your union meetings
Read more in the Wellness Champions Startup Kit.

Contact Debb Jachens, djachens@csea.com with any questions, success stories or suggestions.