Members help a community heal


Members from throughout the state joined together in Weed in early August to revitalize a playground at Weed Elementary School. Member volunteers—27 in all—from Weed, Mt. Shasta, Doris, Sacramento, Redding, Happy Camp, and even as far as Orange County painted the Peaceful Playground.

According to Region 51 Representative Nick Nicholas, planning to paint the playground began late last year. CSEA proposed that the school district purchase the Peaceful Playground materials and local chapters pledged to recruit volunteers to make it a reality. In addition to members from the above cities, teachers and their families, administrators, and classified employees from the Siskiyou Union High School District assisted in the painting.

“Watching the playground transform from outlines, with dabs of color coding, to painted maps, hopscotch, shapes and alphabet games was incredible,” Area A Director Martha Penry said. “I don’t believe there’s a better feeling in your heart than knowing that a little bit of your time will give so many students endless hours of joy and happiness.”

The Weed Elementary School District will hold its annual ice cream social celebrating the beginning of the school year at the playground to showcase the work. Penry said last year’s fire had destroyed the playground map, and students and staff alike are excited to have it back, thanks to the dedication of CSEA members.

Penry extended special thanks to a number of businesses that generously donated paint, painting supplies, and food and beverages for the volunteers: Kelly-Moore Paints and Warehouse Paint in Auburn; Ray’s Food Market, Pizza Factory, McDonald’s, and Subway all in Weed; as well as Pepsi and Crystal Geyser.

Last year, CSEA members throughout the state sent donations exceeding $10,000 to support members who lost their homes and students who lost everything.

CSEA and the community

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CSEA Assistance Fund helps members in need

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